Friday, December 02, 2011

Mandarin Andy S(EIU)Tern Occupies Wall Street Journal

Which is why I remark,
And my language is plain,
That for ways that are dark
And for tricks that are vain,
The heathen Chinee is peculiar, --
Which the same I am free to maintain.

President Obama still could not find a Chinaman on 22nd Street.

Years ago, before Senator Barack Obama appeared in the Temple of Isis ( or Oprah) in Denver at the Democratic National Convention, SEIU's Andy Stern and Anna Burger made extended and frequent visits to Red China.

Purple Mandarin Andy Stern and Anna May Wong Burger on The Road for the Reds in 2006.

Newsweek and Time had fabulously ornate photos and syrupy articles of Mandarin Andy and Shanghai Anna meeting with their Maoist pals. You will need to spend hours and hours on the information super-highway digging up those articles and photos tossed down the Orwellian Memory Hole after 2008.

President Obama bowed to Red China, no doubt prompted by Mr. Deficit Stern - that obeisance did not work out all too well for Nobel bed-decked Olympic Barry.

Mandarin Andy was appointed to President Obama's Deficit panel along with Illinois clown Congressperson Jan Schakowsky, but Andy was tagged with accusations of fiscal malfeasance and exited stage left. Mandarin Andy immediately Google-scrubbed the accusations and his purse puppies like Tom Friedman, Ezra Klein, Joan Walsh and MSNBC looked to Eygpt for Hope and Change - the Islamic Brotherhood won in a landslide this week and Jordan is next!

Red China is trying to get another stimulating wad of cash out of America, but that damn Congress is just too mean. Dragon Dancers are Occupying every city . . .well sort of . . .the Heathen Chinee are very, very patient. Maybe a Barbara Boxer Rebellion is in the offing?

Well,Ding Hao, Feather merchants!

Mandarin Andy, President Obama's Old China Hand, is back smooching the Red Rumps of the Beijing in of all places the Wall Street Journal. Stern-first steaming his Purple XXXXXL gunboats down the Yangtze River of Capitalist Commerce!

The conservative-preferred, free-market fundamentalist, shareholder-only model—so successful in the 20th century—is being thrown onto the trash heap of history in the 21st century. In an era when countries need to become economic teams, Team USA's results—a jobless decade, 30 years of flat median wages, a trade deficit, a shrinking middle class and phenomenal gains in wealth but only for the top 1%—are pathetic.

This should motivate leaders to rethink, rather than double down on an empirically failing free-market extremism. As painful and humbling as it may be, America needs to do what a once-dominant business or sports team would do when the tide turns: study the ingredients of its competitors' success.

While we debate, Team China rolls on. Our delegation witnessed China's people-oriented development in Chongqing, a city of 32 million in Western China, which is led by an aggressive and popular Communist Party leader—Bo Xilai. A skyline of cranes are building roughly 1.5 million square feet of usable floor space daily—including, our delegation was told, 700,000 units of public housing annually.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government can boast that it has established in Western China an economic zone for cloud computing and automotive and aerospace production resulting in 12.5% annual growth and 49% growth in annual tax revenue, with wages rising more than 10% a year.

Team China????

You Flyin' Tiger!


Dennis Byrne... said...

So what part of communist China does Andy think accounts for its "success?" The denial of its citizens' civil rights. The highly centralized bureaucracy that will make all the decisions for public employees, take it or spend a couple of years in the slammer?

Or is it the small crack in the window that these tyrants opened to allow a wisp of the free market economy to waft in? Jerk.

pathickey said...

Andy can afford to be a Jerk . . .or is that a Jerque?

Working stiffs are far too busy undoing the damage of the Jerques, Dennis.

Madarin Andy is a three fisted, gold-plated Jerque.