Tuesday, December 06, 2011

A Real Priest - Father Dan Mallette Viciously Beaten

The prayers of the Leo High School community and those of the Hickey family are with the parishioners of St. Margaret of Scotland. Last night at least two cowardly savages viciously beat and robbed Father Dan Mallette while he slept. It was thoughtful of the savages to do so while this eighty year old priest and boxer was asleep, because he would have taken these lice apart.

A longtime Chicago priest who provided outreach from his South Side Catholic church to try to stem violence and poverty became a victim of violence himself this morning when two men broke into his church and beat and robbed him, authorities said.

The attack happened at about 12:30 a.m. in the rectory of St. Margaret of Scotland Church in the 9800 block of South Throop Street, according to police.

The Rev. Daniel Mallette, pastor emeritus at the 83-year-old Longwood Manor church, suffered broken ribs and a swollen face in the beating, according to Cook County sheriff Tom Dart, a close friend of the priest.

Chicago TribuneLeo Men Pete Doyle and Coach Mike Holmes are with Father as I write this.

My thoughts are ugly and so I will try and limit myself to prayers. Father Mallette has already forgiven them.


Bob L said...

I am a graduate of St. Margaret school and when I was growing up in that neighborhood people were civilized. Now there are just savages, druggies, thugs and just plain slugs of society who will do nothing to better themselves.

bulnski said...

Father Mallette, our prayers go out to you.