Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Leave it to Beaver President - Ward, Has a Real Man-to-Man Chat in the Den with Barry.

Guard One - کید آن را می خواهد. ( The kid wants it back.)

Guard Two- نداره، او را دمار از روزگارمان درآورد، ما آن را نگه داشتن. (Nah, #$%^ hiM; we're keeping it)
Ward Calls Beav. . .Barry into the den:

Ward Churchill - Barry, step into the den, I want to have a word with you about taking care of your possessions. Sit down there on the davenport. . . .

Now, when I was a boy, I liked to sail kites and balsa wood gliders.

Sometimes they'd get caught in the phone lines, trees or just fly away. Othertimes, the tough boys from the Catholic schools would grab my things from me and call me names like like Faux Injun Plagiarist and smash up, those toys, cut my pony tail, pull down my pants and paint my butt blue . . . I was none too happy about that, I'll tell, but I got more than even. Well, Barry, they went on to become cops, firemen, and skilled tradesmen and I went on to become a protected distinguished academic for no real work at all; just like my pal Lumpy -Mr Ayers to you, young man.

Now, Barry, the toys that I lost were cheap. Kite and balsa wood Saber Jets only costs about five nickels, back then, but now-a-days they'd retail at about $ 8.96 because of the 1% who want to keep down us 99% folks.

Well, Barry that particular drone we gave you and you lost was a super- advanced Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel, nick-named the Beast of Kandahar and boy did you have a lot of fun with it. Yes, Sir, you sure did.

Now, Barry, even I know that the loss of the drone is important and I am as phony as a Chris Matthews Let Me Finish. Now, look at me.

Boy, when you saw that You shouted to know if it came with a Garrett TFE731 or General Electric TF34! Now, Barry that drone was expensive. In fact we are keeping the costs of it under wraps for the time being, but you know that the average drone flight you have been playing with costs between $10,000 and $25,000 per flight.

Barry, you did not order the self-destruct on that toy. I know, you wanted no opportunity for an explosion in or over our Persian neighbor's yard and all, but maybe you should have done that.

Oh, come on now. No need for tears. You say it was not your fault and everyone believes you. Some of your Army guys are even telling folks that the Iranians are showing a fake drone. Fact of the matter, Beav . . .er, Barry -Now Iran has a perfectly good RQ-170 Sentinel and you know what that means? You don't.

Now, Barry, you go back to Mr.Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and ask him nicely again. You go back time and again, Barry, like we taught you. Bow to his wishes. Now, scoot you rascal! . . . And take care of what we give you, Son!

Now, if you lose an expensive drone, you might also lose a second term and we can't have that happen, now, can we?

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