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American Catholics - Ben Stone on the Rock of Peter: Michael Moriarty Nails It.

Between Joseph Biden and Nancy Pelosi, Vice-President of the United States and former Speaker of the House, American Catholics and Catholicism have been officially given role models that publicly defy the teachings of Pope Benedict XVI and the centuries-long, pro-life tradition of the Church.

What Abraham Lincoln said about America may very well be repeated about the Catholic Church: If She dies, it won't be by a foreign power. It will be by suicide.

America is not dead yet but is, indeed, dying because of the Roe v Wade decision 38 years ago. There is no longer the American "inalienable right to life".

The same Leftist attack on the United States from within the Democrat Party is the same Leftist attack on the Catholic Church from within largely Democrat American Catholicism, i.e. Biden and Pelosi.
Michael Moriarty

It takes a mirror to tell me to lay off that third Italian beef from Al's on Taylor Street. Two is enough for any glutton. Those size 36/29s fit like a surgical glove and that ain't good . . .for other people to look at. A man can not go through life wearing "eatin' pants."

Being a Catholic is tougher than being a happy gent on the thresh-hold of size 38 britches. My note to self . . . leave the car in the garage and hike. Eat like a Unitarian and pray like a Poor Clare.

Yesterday, I posted a piece in reaction to Neil Steinberg's latest in his serious of snotty advice to Catholics concerning Governor Quinn's fealty to Planned Parenthood and Progressive Everything, over his loudly stated Christian conscience conflicting with his broadly stated personal Catholicism.

Today, I noticed that 19th Ward Blog which reaches many more readers is likewise offended by the Dante spouting Masker of the Sun Times.

http://19thwardchicago.blogspot.com/2011/12/latest-attack-on-catholic-churchby.htmlAmerican Catholics have a problem. Public Catholics (Clan Kennedy) and elected Catholics ( Biden, Daley, Durbin, Quinn, Kerry, Pelosi et al) tend to belong to the Democratic Party. Chicago Catholics like me tend be Democrats as well. The Progressives control the Democratic Party. The Progressives are secularists -no religion is better than any religion. Abortion is a must. There is no such thing as sin, because of evolution and Civil Rights.

The Catholic Church in America is the last stand against the evil that is killing an unborn child. Likewise, the Catholic Church in America is the last stand against the Progressive elimination of sin.

In the last couple of years, I have become more aware of intrinsic evil behind Progressive thought. Bertrand Russell, an agnostic intellectual, called Dewey/Hegelianism the most dangerous assault on thought in centuries and termed it a cosmic impiety. I witness the results of John Dewey's work daily, working at an inner city Catholic high school and see that Catholic education works well for non-Catholic African American young men. Catholic values help them succeed - not marches, T-shirts, nor tax-breaks.

It is the mirror held up to Public Education and the world without sin, or consequences that it helped create. We struggle at Leo everyday, undoing what John Dewey hath wrought, because the bulk of our students come from public schools. Leo is costly. Leo holds the individual accountable - teachers, administration, staff, students and parents.

Part of my work brought me into contact with one of America's best actors - Michael Moriarty. Mr. Moriarty is not only a gifted actor, but a splendid jazz musician, composer and essayist. More so, Michael Moriarty has stepped away from American life, lives very well in Canada and tries to make sense of lunacy here. By here, I mean the Progressive epi-center Chicago.

Michael Moriarty has Chicago roots, as I have written about, and keeps in touch with what is happening here. Chicago's capitulation to the Roger Baldwin, WEB Du Bois, John Dewey, Henry Wallace Progressives after decades of growth and success as the City That Works as a Catholic Democrat American city is as much a concern to Michael as it is to me.

Progressive secular doctrine has replace the Church Triumphant of Cardinal Mundelein and is actively trying to stamp out Catholic opposition to its agendas - abortion for all, and sin no longer exists - only systemic racism, classism and sexism.

Michael Moriarty has very solid grip on what is going on here in one of President Obama's many hometowns - Hawaii, Kansas, Indonesia, Chicago. Chicago is the progressive epi-center that created the President. The President, like the governor, owes his success to the secular Progressive papacy. Every Progressive is a pope . . . ask one.

Michael Moriarty writes another beautifully Joycean essay that links Catholicism, St. Joan, Progressive Marxism, abortion, and Democrat Catholic Maskers like Quinn and Durbin with the Jewish Catholic intellectual Simone Weil and the actress Ingrid Bergman in a stained-glass masterpiece of a mirror.

Law and Order's Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty) understands the Rock of Peter and the sand that is a soulless secularism.

No way I am buying size 38 pants.

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