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Leo Freshman Context and Consensus - Assyria & A Prophet

We often find that our academic courses begin in 1900, or perhaps with the French Revolution, or the Protestant Reformation, or Machiavelli, or the discovery of the New World. Whenever we see this happening in our courses, we must be ready to look elsewhere and seek out what we are not presented. The fact is that very few human truths or errors were not already treated by the Greeks, by Plato and Aristotle. Not to know this is a very serious intellectual impediment.
Father James Schall, S.J. Crisis

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to take over classes from Pete Doyle, who has taught on and off here at Leo High School, both as an Irish Christian Brother, lay teacher/coach and Principal since 1967.

One floor above Pete Doyle's classroom Denny Conway '62 and Dr. Jack O'Keefe '59 were conducting ACT and SAT exam prep with seniors and juniors. Denny and Jack volunteer their time and talent.

Pete Doyle and football coach Mike Holmes took a ride over to check on Father Dan Mallette who was brutally beaten and robbed in the early morning hours of Monday, by two thugs who broke into his rectory at St. Margaret of Scotland Church and robbed the saintly man.

I had a roomful of freshmen. We were studying the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. The Son of Amos was known as the Evangelical Prophet, because Isaiah foretold of the coming of the Messiah.

I asked the gents, if they knew the context of Isaiah's ministry. They did - Pete Doyle teaches.

The Kingdom of Israel was destroyed by the Assyrians under Tiglath Pileser III leaving the Tribe of Judah and taking most of Israel into Captivity.

The Assyrians ( Medes, Babylonians, Persians, & etc.) were a New World Order in the 800 BC Cradle of Civilization. Israel was plagued by self-interested kings. Ahaz was the Jimmy Carter of the day. The Children of Zion went into Captivity - Babylon.

Isaiah railed against Kings going against God's Will. It is believed that Isaiah was martyred by the son of Hezikiah -Manasseh who cashed in faith for economics.

The guys had the context. We talked about being a prophet. Most of the kids at Leo are African American and most are Baptist and AME Christians, a few are Nation of Islam. To say the least, these guys are schooled in the Old Testament.

Okay, Gents - what is a prophet - Isaiah is said to be one - what makes him a prophet? Raheem?

A prophet appears in a bad situation for his people and speaks to truth.

Nice words. What do they mean?

We got into it. We covered all manner of topic merging to our core issue.

Jabari -A prophet is a guy who is aware of what is going and can make sense of it by what went on before and predict future outcomes.

Joe S.The person who refuses to accept bad terms in exchange for moment a peace is a prophet.

Chris McS. A prophet can not be bribed or bought off.A prophet will not be a crook.

Raheem A prophet believes in more than his own comfort. Like Father Mallette, Hickey!

Context - Father Mallette is beaten viciously, but Father Mallette forgave his torturers.

Consensus That is a prophet, Hickey.

You may say, gentlemen.

I never work a day in my life.

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