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Chicago - Urban Center Progressive Playland

Meet Poe Witry -Chicagoan.

We are sitting on geological shifting plates - the New Madrid Fault down around Cairo, Illinois and another over in Indiana the Wabash Valley Seismic Zone*. Yep, it is a dandy. Slabs of rock right under our feet and infrastructure -quakes and seismic shocks.

They are as nothing compared to political and economic earth rattlers about to happen right here in the City of Big Shoulders - Soon to be City of Slim Hips. For years, smart sizing and diet concerns of Progressives have become policy. Policy is what replaced politics. Politics was glad-handing and quid pro quo battering for votes that was the igneous rock upon which urban, county and state government was built. The City that Works, remember that?

The Urban Gentry largely childless, secular, affluent and educated scorns the bootless and unhorsed breeders who send their kids to Catholic schools and retain the values of the parish as well as citizenship over Progressive doctrines- they always have and they always will, whether it is on the davenports of Hull House, or on camera at WTTW, the Gentry Liberal can not stand neighbors. Neighbors live in parishes and neighborhoods.

Thanks to Michael Shakman and his community of judges, lawyers, journalists and academics, politics became a dinosaur with the compliance of short-sighted politicians and Progressive architects. Added to Shakman decrees, unique to Cook County, are more ordinances and policies heaped upon public safety agencies - Police and Fire. Cops wear more handcuffs than criminals.

Crime is now merely "bothersome." Violent crime is merely an "opportunity," begotten by poverty. Life is a Lab!

More bothersome are the people who stand in the way of transforming Chicago from a City into an Urban Center - neighborhood residents.

Rarely does the media refer to blocks of people living together in a particular area as neighbors - rather, they are community members. Communities need to be organized into cadres of marchers and concerned activists for doctrinally approved Progressive Agendas. Communities allow real estate manipulation and easy access to programs and the treasure they store from government programs.

These programs get put in place by a City Council of aldermen who vote the will of the Progressively approved doctrinal mandates. E.g. Community Policing, Urban Translating and Gang Meet-'N-Greets trump law enforcement. City Workers must live in the City, for now. Rahm will lift the residency mandates for all city workers in a few years.

Rahm Emanuel will part the Resident Sea like Moses, but only after the supine City Council votes in the Garbage Collection Grid. Smart Size! Say good by to the truck drivers and crewmen on big blue vehicles of Streets and Sanitation and hello to the Green and Gold Garbage Packers of Waste Management! Now, all of those family men and women formerly subject to the Ward Pharaohs shall be freed . . .of their City Jobs.

The Mount Greenwood, Morgan Park, Edison Park, Garfield Ridge, Auburn-Gresham, Hegewisch and the Brighton/McKinley Park helots can go to ZION or Braidwood, Custer Park, or Posen.

Chicago is planned to be an Urban Center with biker/walker-friendly easements and paths, medicinal marijuana boutiques Hula-Green park scapes, many cafes & bistros, health centers, open-air markets, abortuaries of course, and slick residences for the affluent, the childless the multidegree'd and most importantly the very secular. Chicago will be a monohue center -one color - white. No one love es the BLUES like rich white folks!

The darling progressive cities like Portland are white demographically speaking. They celebrate diversity, but damned if they will live with diversity.

To be sure the odd black chap or woman, urban out-fitted of course - will have a condo, or townhouse somewhere in the urban center; ditto the Latino earner sans chicos y chicas. Denzels and Domingas will be embraced, but Turners and Ignazios not so much. Likewise, Catholic-non-sectarians ( Unitarians who do not go to church), from the better secondary schools, who no longer use the diminutive given names like Bobby, Tommy and Dinny well into late middle age, or the more colorful breeder apellations of Headsy,Slurp, and North-eye, will not disturb the welkin of a Bistro with tales of Mount Carmel or St. Rita derring-do.

The mantra shall be, "If you (Faith families of breeders - Blacks, Hispanics and White Catholic ethnics)are not like us, leave.Quickly, once your labor is no longer necessary."

(From Mick Dumke at the Chicago Reader April 15, 2008)

60655 3,422 south ( My Hood -Morgan Park, Mount Greenwood)

60638 2,873 southwest ( Clearing & Midway)

60631 2,140 northwest

60652 1,853 southwest

60634 1,742 northwest

60643 1,660 south

60617 1,503 southeast

60628 1,289 south

60630 1,282 northwest

60620 1,248 south ( Over by Leo HS)

60619 1,210 south

60656 1,199 northwest

60646 1,183 northwest

The ground is shifting. What are you going to do about it? Harsh.


On March 13, 2009, a research group based out of Northwestern University and Purdue University, funded by the United States Geological Survey, reported in the journal Science and in other journals that the New Madrid system may be "shutting down" and that tectonic stress may now be accumulating elsewhere. Seth Stein, the leader of the research group, published these views in a book, Disaster Deferred, in 2008. Although some of these ideas have gained some amount of acceptance among researchers, they have not been accepted by the National Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council, which advises the USGS, or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

In the November 5, 2009, issue of Nature, researchers from Northwestern University and the University of Missouri said that due to the lack of fault movement, the quakes along the faults may only be aftershocks of the 1811–1812 earthquakes.[Researchers say aftershocks on the San Andreas can continue for a period of up to about ten years, where fault movement averages up to 37 millimeters (1.5 in) a year across California.

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