Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel -Congratulations!

On September 13, 2010, I wrote on this blog,

The next Chicago Mayor will be either Oliver Cromwell* (someone take out a Cliffs Notes for the Progressives and explain the Lor' Protector's Commonwealth modus operandi following the collapse of Charles I Stuart's reign)or Happy Hooligan.

Rahm Emanuel is no Happy Hooligan. Last night, Rahm Emanuel won a compelling 55.2% of the votes cast. He has a solid mandate.

I voted for Matt O'Shea (19th Ward Alderman) and Gery Chico in this go-around. Matt O'Shea won by a landslide and Gery Chico did OK.

The City of Chicago looks pretty, but is a mess. Rahm Emanuel brings a great capacity for leadership to the table. This leadership will be no blanket at the beach for Mayor Emanuel or the people of Chicago.

The City has sold off its assets

The City has become a thug comfort Zone

The City has lousy public schools

The City has middling adequate public transportation

The City has a pension nightmare

The City has infrastructure nightmares coming down the pike - a simple lane closure on Lake Shore Drive becomes a WWII refugee film

The City has Bread and Circus and no clear path to economic recovery

There are thousands of public employees in the City of Chicago who bring a solid work ethic, original thought, serious dedication to public service and great capacity for innovation if they are lead by a Mayor who can say no to usual crowd of trough drainers.

There are Ward leaders who understand public service and effective service to constituents. Embrace these rivals. Dismiss the bright boys who believe that winning a campaign is same governing.

Restore real police to Chicago's streets - they may not be PC or seem like a good fit for mouthing platitudes to WTTW, but the bad guys wet their britches in their presence.

Put Race on the backburner and productivity on the front burner. Racial harmony begins when service is equal for all neighborhoods. Embrace the most qualified by dint of past service and not some hack's recommendation.

Ditch symbolism for substance. Go back to Chicken and Waffles and actually have lunch and have the waitresses and bus boys sit with you for a few minutes over coffee and tea - then pick up the check. Drop into a few schools unannounced - Simeon, Fenger, Calumet and then wander over to Leo, Mount Carmel and Maria. Go along with Water Department Crew during the next freeze of twenty below and stand with the guys when a burst pipeline is fixed -quickly and effectively. Take the RedLine with an undercover cop three seats behind you. Pop into Gresham ( 6th) and Englewood (7th) some Friday night between 6 PM-4 AM. Stop into the Fire House at 81st and Ashland and do a ride along on few ambulances in Englewood. Drop into a one of few remaining neighborhood taverns and buy a round and listen. Life does not begin and end at Anne Sathers.

Mayor Emanuel should wear Terry Peterson like a pair of tighty whities, nod agreeably to the so-called black leadership. Listen and learn from Terry Peterson.

Go to synagogue ( click my post title) and stay tight with a spiritual adviser; you're gonna need one. Most importantly, stay close to your bride and kids. This is their City and your responsibilty.

*"Government by one man and a parliament is fundamental," Olicer Cromwell- The City Council and the Wards can and will be 'examined.' Ward boundaries will change. Expect this Rump Parialment to be transformed into the Barebones Pariliament -ASAP.

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