Thursday, February 03, 2011

Like Gay Activists Against Catholics, Chicago's No Dibs-ers Activists React and Take the Parking Spots

Marc Felion, Andy Thayer and Fausto Fernós at the Recent Feast of Fun sans Breeders

Like Gay Activists planning to shut down Mass at Holy Name Cathedral on February 13th, No Dibs-er Activists staged a protest on 108th Street Between Artesian and Rockwell. To chants of I Steer! We're Here! Get Used to it! No Cairo Chicago!Freedom!!!!!!!!! No Dibs-er Activists grabbed spots cleared by helot homeowners following the Blizzard of Ought Eleven. Tensions mount! M.O.N.T. E. Mount!

Lisping Utility Activist Andy Thayer* is calling on the massive throng of Gay Lesbian Transgender, Bisexual, Mule Lovers, and Questioning Chicagoans to stop Catholics and their . . .galling worship and Faith. Andy Thayer is an energetic and ubiquitous microphone and bullhorn aficionado (Gaza/Gay/Guacamole you name it and Andy is on it like a Chimp on Oreos) objects very, very strongly to Roman Catholic teaching. Andy Sayer. . .I mean Thayer. . . should be sure to bring along the throngs of devout Gays of Gaza membership to be sure to have a veritible Rainbow of Inclusion - The millions of Muslim Fans of the Gay Lifestyle. Then it will be a real Gay Marriage of Faiths and just not Unitarians and the usual assortment of faux-Catholic glue-sniffers.

I like Civil Unions. Andy Thayer has not even taken the bows off of that legislative package and demands Marriage. Patience, Prudence.

Get this -

The leadership of the Catholic Church has opposed every LGBT rights measure ever proposed in this state - whether for equal employment, housing, access to public accommodations or marriage. We find it galling that heretofore they, as a non-tax paying entity receiving millions of tax dollars for its social service agencies, received special rights against those attempting to exercise our 1st Amendment right to protest. The City's refusal to enforce this unconstitutional ordinance against most picketing of religious institutions is a welcome victory for LGBT rights and civil liberties in general.

The February 13th protest will focus on three demands:

*** Oppose the anti-LGBT bigotry of the Catholic hierarchy; support the many pro-equal rights Catholics organizing for change within the denomination

*** Demand full equal marriage rights in Illinois

*** Demand that tax dollars no longer go to tax-exempt religious groups that refuse to commit to equal rights for LGBT people.

For more information about the February 13th protest, email the Gay Liberation Network at

Have fun, Son, but do behave. There's little kids at Mass on Sundays and they might be questioning the goofs using naughty language and so shrill about it.

Andy Thayer is co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network (, a Chicago-based LGBT direct action group which has been a local leader in gay rights, anti-police brutality and anti-war organizing. As a leader in the local anti-war movement, he's helped organize most of the city's large anti-war protests for the last several years, including a march of 15,000 on Lake Shore Drive at the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He's been arrested numerous times in various protests and was recently found not guilty of two felony counts from a January 2008 protest against the Chicago visit of President Bush. Last May he was among 30 LGBT activists arrested in the 4th annual gay pride demonstration in Moscow, Russia.
Not Cairo, Andy? Seriously. Well, sort of. Not really.

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