Saturday, February 19, 2011

Watch World Champion Idiot Chris Matthews Loudmouth Down the Truth on Abortion - "Let's Go to the Facts . . .Until They Show Up" . .

Watch this loudmouth slob, MSNBC clown Chris Matthews*, bully a guest, invited to get at "the facts" about Abortion and House vote to de-fund ( about time) Planned Parenthood and then shout down the woman from the Susan B. Anthony List and shill for the abortion industry -paid for with Federal dollars.

This gutless jerk "likes to narrow the discussion a little bit" - as narrow as his pinhead.

As to Rep. Jackie Speier's testimony on the heartbreak of her procedure -abortion. Ms. Speier was losing her child when it became detached from her uterus in the 17th week of pregnancy. My late wife Mary had the same thing happen in LaPorte Hospital in 1990. Ms Speier agonized and chose to terminate the baby. My wife Mary lost our baby -there is a difference. Two years before, Mary's obstetrician suggested that she terminate our son because he might be born with defects, or horror of horrors, have Down Syndrome. Mary terminated her employment of this woman obstetrician and hired another doctor. Big difference.


In fact, in his book, "Now let me tell you what I really think," Mr. Matthews reveals that he is not a principled Catholic, but a permissive liberal who has embraced the cultural radicalism of the 1960s. On abortion, he chooses to have it both ways. Although he believes abortion should be limited, he believes it should be made legal, safe and constitutionally protected. Mr. Matthews also champions homosexual rights, affirmative action and the benefits of "safe sex" — most notably in the fight against AIDS in Africa. It is ironic, however, that he fails to support the one approach that would dramatically curtail the spread of the deadly disease on the African continent: abstinence.

Yet, if Mr. Matthews wants to advance his liberal agenda, then that is his right. But he does not have the right to present himself in a public forum as a "Catholic." Public figures who profess to be Catholics have a duty to bear witness to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. This also holds true especially if they have positions of prominence in the media or in government.

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