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NY Times 'We Are All Egyptians!' Really? 82% of 'We' Want to Stone Women?

The weak kidneys of America's Media cause it to micturate down our legs and proclaim a rainstorm.

Nicholas D(Cousin Weak Kidneys)Kristof's idiotic and gushy proclamation that We are the World; We Are Egyptians! is another such trouser moistening announcement of the Heavens about to Open.

The lion-hearted Egyptians I met on Tahrir Square are risking their lives to stand up for democracy and liberty, and they deserve our strongest support — and, frankly, they should inspire us as well. A quick lesson in colloquial Egyptian Arabic: Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! Today, we are all Egyptians!

Now, hold there, Hoss! I'm agin stoning women, but 82% of your "We" thinks that is just dandy. Shake hands with an Alsatian! Bump booty with Botswannan! Have a hoe-down with a Hapsburg! Love a Laplander!

Gee, let's all sing the Marseilles like in Casablanca and confound the Wehrmacht, Nicky! What do mean WE?

The most recent Pew Polling of Egyptian Opinion states: -

Well, take a gander!

-- Is it good that Islam plays a large role in politics? 95 percent said "yes" and 2 percent "bad."

-- Is Islam's influence in politics positive or negative? 85 percent said "positive," 2 percent said "negative."

-- How much of a role does Islam play in Egyptian politics now? 48 percent said "large" and 49 percent said "small."

-- Is there a struggle between groups that want to modernize Egypt and Islamic fundamentalists? 31 percent said "yes." Of them, 27 percent described themselves as modernizers and 59 percent called themselves fundamentalists.


-- Are suicide bombings justified? 46 percent said "never," 34 percent "rarely," 12 percent "sometimes" and 8 percent "often." (NOTE: Support for suicide bombing has dropped since 2006, when 28 percent said they were justified sometimes or often.)

-- Are you concerned about Islamist extremism in the world? 70 percent said they were "very concerned" or "concerned."

-- Are you concerned about Islamist extremism in Egypt? 61 percent said they were "very concerned" or "concerned."


-- What do you think of Hamas? 49 percent were favorable.

-- What do you think of Hezbollah? 30 percent were favorable.
-- What do you think of al Qaeda? 20 percent were favorable.

-- Do you have confidence in Osama bin Laden? 19 percent said "some" or "a lot," 73 percent said "not much" or "none." (NOTE: Confidence in bin Laden has fallen from 27 percent in 2006).


-- Should men and women be segregated in the workplace? 54 percent said "yes" and 44 percent "no."

-- Should adulterers be stoned? 82 percent said "yes."

-- Should apostates from Islam face the death penalty? 84 percent said "yes."

-- Should thieves be flogged or have their hands cut off? 77 percent said "yes."


-- Is democracy preferable to any other kind of government? 59 percent said "yes."

-- Can a non-democratic system be preferable in certain circumstances? 22 percent said "yes."

-- Is it irrelevant to you what kind of government you have? 16 percent said "yes."

(Compiled by Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor)

Irish Independent writer Kevin Myers mocks the wee-wee spilling goofs of the European Press.

One of the striking features of the pro-Mubarak demonstrators was that none seemed to speak English, which suggested a certain closeness to the grassroots of ordinary Egyptians. One elderly man (apparently) said in Arabic that Mubarak was a strong man, and Egypt needed a strong man, and he didn't want to see Egypt going the same way as Iraq, with beheadings. Quite so. We all know that Mubarak ruled with the torture chamber and the secret police, which everyone deplores. But is there an Arabic Denmark upon which Egyptian social democrats can model a new political regime for their country, a Copenhagen on the Nile?

Because our European media are so deeply-anti-Israel, their instinct has been to show its Arab neighbours in a favourable light -- which partly explains the non-stop images of the anti-Mubarak intelligentsia, with auburn highlights and beautiful English. They no more speak for Egypt than the citizens of Ballsbridge speak for Kerry South. The recent Pew survey of Egypt tells another story, without tonsorial highlights or Anglophone urbanity. Some 54pc of Egyptians can justify suicide bombings in some form or other, with 20pc supporting al Qa'ida. Additionally, 54pc believe in segregation of the sexes in the workplace; 82pc think adulterers should be stoned to death; 84pc think apostates from Islam should be killed; and 77pc think thieves should have their hands cut off. Doesn't sound much like Denmark.

Egypt has received billions of dollars in aid in the last 30 years, and much of which has gone into buying Park Lane apartments in London for the kleptocratic crooks who run the country. Meanwhile, Egypt's population is growing at an unsustainable 2pc a year, making it about the same size as Germany's -- but not for long. Germany has eight births per thousand; Egypt has 25 births. And to give you a sense of the appaling economic prospects ahead for Egypt, German GDP (remember, with the same population) is about 1,700 times greater than Egypt's.

The government-in-waiting in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood -- "the Ikhwan" -- is supposedly not in favour of terrorism, well, for the moment anyway. But then was not Sinn Fein a supposedly pacifist movement? Nationalistic pacifisms tend be conditional on the complete absence of an opponent, which is not very passive at all. Either way, the Muslim Brotherhood is certainly not non-violent in its utter opposition to Israel.

The gushers have ruined America's britches as well as lied like Egyptian rugs.

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