Saturday, February 05, 2011

Send Planned Parenthood Packing - Put the Cosmetic Holocaust ( abortion) Back in the Purses of the Dowager Class!

The Dowager Class owns Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood has been unmasked for what it is - a mascaraed butcher shop of horrors endowed by aging women of wealth.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t use government money to provide abortions; Congress already prohibits that, except in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. (Another anti-abortion bill that’s coming up for hearing originally proposed changing the wording to “forcible rape,” presumably under the theory that there was a problem with volunteer rape victims. On that matter at least, cooler heads prevailed.)

The aging feminists and the long in the tooth abortion happy monied class warriors, like Gloria Steinem, Katha Pollitt, Katrina Vander Heuvel, Joy Behar, Diane Sawyer, Joan Walsh, dumb nuns, most Media Medeas and Democratic Women in elected office are Planned Parenthood's Dowager Class. They are the shrill and powerful Medeas who willfully kill children to get back at the perceived Gender Jasons, or merely want to cosmetically rid themselves of 'Baby Bumps,' as well as the cellulite build-ups that come with age.

So unhappy is the American Dowager that she unleashed the hounds on the real journalists (independent of course - no such animal at MSNBC,NPR or NYT)beefing that the new women who fight abortion are . . .well, pretty.

“Planned Parenthood aids and abets the sexual abuse and prostitution of minors,” announced Lila Rose, the beautiful anti-abortion activist who led the project. The right wing is currently chock-full of stunning women who want to end their gender’s right to control their own bodies. Homely middle-aged men are just going to have to find another sex to push around.
Gail Collins NYT.

Well, this ugly-as-a-bald dog middle age gent has no problem with a gal controlling her own body . . .so long as it does need, or require the application of forceps, scalpels and hammers on an infant.

Dowager is an economic term that first came into public discourse in 15th Century France:Middle French douagiere, from douage dower, from douer to endow — more at endow
First Known Use: 1530

A dowager was commonly propertied widow and now as a stand alone noun can mean any powerful financially robust woman - usually unmarried.

The American Dowager Class and its allies ( every Progressive Solidarity Coalition Activist PAC and the DNC) is struggling with the truth. Americans are seeing the horror that is abortion - not choice, but slaughter. The Dowager Class has long argued that the aborted persons are mere 'tissue.' Science and medicine has long disproven the Progressive lie about 'Choice'(via Ultrasound & etc.) - life begins at conception, but, like pathological drunks, the Dowager Class sees the problems elsewhere - society, racism, poverty, gender identity issues and unwanted tissues.

NPR and the Media are going flat-out to mop up the blood of Kermit Gonsell in Philadelphia and erase the documentation of Planned Parenthood's ACORNish activities of helping pimps work their way around laws so teenage sex-slaves can kill children in the womb.

My Congressman is a Democrat, Dan Lipinski ( D., IL, 3rd) and he is heroic anti-Abortion legislator. Dan Lipinski is what being a Democrat is all about - serving his constituents from womb to tomb, preserving American Exceptionalism, and fighting to ease the tax-burdens. Dan Lipinski keeps me voting Democrat for the most part.

It is well past the time for Americans to drive a stake through the heart of the Cosmetic Holocaust that is abortion.

If the Dowager Class demands 'choice' make it open their private and bloody purses.

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