Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Chicago Code Reviewed

I caught the Chicago Code on Fox last night. I was not adequately dressed and caught a huge dose of the Chicago Code and took 12 ounces of Nighttime Nyquil- I passed out, but did not have night terrors. Tender Mercies!

I went out to the garage this morning and fired up my fliver - Man it was Chicago Code. 15 Degrees and dropped to 8 by the time I reached Dunkin Donuts and waited in line behind real Chicago Cops heading to Englewood, Gresham and Area 2. I remembered The Chicago Code and dressed accordingly.

Here is my review of Chicago Code from the eight to twelve minutes that I caught of the Chicago Code, before I poured the NyQuil into my 12 ounce Leo Mug and cannonballed the contents.

The Chicago Code -Mondays on Fox 32 at 8 P.M.

Cast: Jason Clarke as Jarek Wysocki
Devin Kelley as Vonda Wysocki
Jennifer Beals as Teresa Colvin
Matt Lauria as Caleb Evers
Todd Williams as Isaac Joiner
Billy Lush as Liam Hennessey
Delroy Lindo as Alderman Ronin Gibbons

Let's see - a super High Speed chase going the wrong way under the L Tracks on Lake Street and ending at a flower shop on the multi-cultural West Side so that the guy waving the 'Nine' at the cop so that he can ask for the hand in marraige of the woman he loves before he goes to the iron hotel . . .(click)

Review - The Chicago Code
. . . what does the wind do?
. . . what's the sound a drain makes when you pull the plug?

Chicago Code smites the scary bandana. This is a sure fire hit! Polish up the Emmys!

De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum!


Bill Baar said...

What do you make of the CPD's extensive cooperation making a TV show about "good" Chicago Cops vs a corrupt Chicago Politican? Recall old man Daley frowned on "M Squad" to the extent he hampered their ability to shoot sceens in Chicago.

jill said...

I wish you had seen more so you could give an opinion on the heavy-handed "Chicago-ness" of it all. The Polish sausage was sliced a bit thick. But that may be a symptom of first-episode-itis, when the creators are afraid you won't get what they're about unless they smack you on the head with it, over and over.

I'd also like to know what you thought of the hero's accent.