Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Good Night Sweet Prince - Charles, Philip, Arthur, George

“Mummy was ever so kind – where was I . . .Balderdash – I’m as pissed as a fart, yet my command of the Queen’s grows exponentially. That notwithstanding, however, Biffois almost certainly no liar – I merely had proper use of the language bludgeoned into me from a very, very young age.

On that note, to bed. Said hard graft requires a man at the helm bright and early in the morrow!”

Boys, the Prince! Prince, the Boys!

Charles Philip Arthur George, KG KT GCB OM AK QSO CD SOM GCL PC AdC(P) FRS by Grace of God Prince of Wales once and future King of the United Kingdom He'll be here all week, Folks! If you do not get BBC on Cable, wait for it!

Click my post title for more chilling insights ( Global Warming no less - I wonder who told him?) from the Prince of Wales. Testors, or was he left in the marinade far too long?

H/t Weazel

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