Friday, February 18, 2011

Collect Bounty on Cheesehead Skipping Senators!

The Wisconsin Democrat Senators are seeking asylum in Chicago's sanctuary city. They skipped out on the Madison vote.

I know many unemployed skilled tradesmen and laid off City and Cook County workers.

Perhaps they might track down these scoff-laws for Gov. Walker's Rangers. I listened to one goof say that he was calling into ABC from a 'secure' location outside of Madison. Really. A secure location in Wisconsin runs in all four directions of the Dairy State - has any FIP ( Fine Illinois Person) ever got a straight answer from Sven or Bastien when asking directions from County Road FF to County Road Square Route of IX? 'Yeh, take dat dirt road past Weaver's Dairy dere and go on it until it forks, you can' miss it, den go right again.' What could be more clear?

With Democrats saying they won't return before Saturday, it was unclear when the Senate would be able to begin debating the measure meant to ease the state's budget woes. Democrats who disappeared Thursday at first kept their whereabouts secret, then started to emerge to give interviews and fan the protests.
Chicago Tribune report

Rat out the Skipping Senators and turn them in for a modest reward - Dells Coupons, Injun Casino Chips, Packer Wear, Nightcrawlers, or a couple of Wheels of Chedder - the State's broke. Here's a tip. You can sniff out the elusive Cheese Gobblers by asking these simple questions of anyone in the lobby at the Peninsula, Fairmont, or Swiss - remember, elected officials never stay at Regal 8.

Go up to a Moss-back looking Rube and ask,

Q. What is a barbecue in Appleton?

A. "Dat's a Fry. We have a steak fry by the Odd Fellows on Saturdays."

Q. Where can I get a cool drink of water?

A. " Over by dat Bubbler dere near da stairs, dere"

Q. Excuse me, I believe that I hit a small deer, or a large 'Coon.'
A. " Strap it on da bumper, eh! Bring it to da Fry over by da Odd Fellows, Bastien will dress it Swiss."

Restrain until extradition can be arranged. Make your deal with Governor Walker -get what you can. Do not drive them back yourselves, unless you wish to replay the Super Bowl. I think not.

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