Sunday, February 20, 2011

GOP -The Tassled Loafer Crowd Shills for Planned Parenthood

U.S. Congressional GOP Rep. Judy Biggert and Rep. Robert Dold play ball with Planned Parenthood. My retired Illinois State Rep. Kevin Joyce (D,) and my Democrat Congressman Dan Lipinksi (D. 3rd) fought against abortion.

Judy Biggert allowed Chris Matthews to bully rag her over the idiotic Attorney General Eric Holder's statement that America is a Nation of Cowards in 2009 and his insistence on treating Islamist Terrorists like they were John Scopes:

Matthews: Back in the beginnings of our country, we had a trial for the soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre, and we gave those soldiers a real trial, and John Adams was their defense attorney. And a lot of them got off. Do you think that was a mistake to give them a real trial, or should we have just executed them. What should we have done?

Biggert: Well, I’m talking about having a real –

Matthews: Was it wrong to give a real trial to people who shot down our people in the Boston Massacre, or was that a good emblem of the kind of country we were going to be, a country of laws?

Biggert: I think –

Matthews: John Adams was their defense lawyer. Should he have not taken that job? Not defended the enemies of our country, and shown that we have a good system of law in this country? Was that a mistake?

America, was a Crown Colony Milky, and not a sovereign nation you pompous jerk.

Representative Biggert went deer in the headlights and seemed to look to self-absorbed Shakowsky for help -'Dead Chick Limping!"

Rep. Judy Biggert must demand a public apology from MSNBC and the oafish Matthews.She's owes that to the people who voted for her.
She didn't; she went mouse.

Judy Biggert and her colleague Dold just voted with the Abortion industry. Gee, why do I still vote Democrat? Look at the GOP.

(DC Examiner) — Even if you’re not a social conservative, funding for Planned Parenthood as a fiscal and a campaign finance issue. Currently, taxpayers are effectively subsidizing the Democratic Party. Planned Parenthood is a charity with plenty of donors. There’s no reason why taxpayers should have to support their favorite charity so that they can give more of their money to Democrats.

Ten Democrats had supported the Pence amendment, and that seven Republicans had voted against it. Now we have the names:

Now here are the Republicans who voted to preserve Planned Parenthood funding:

Charlie Bass, N.H.
Judy Biggert, Ill.
Mary Bono-Mack, Calif.
Charlie Dent, Pa.
Robert Dold, Ill.
Richard Hanna, N.Y.
Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.

GOP -Got Orders from Planned Parenthood?


Anonymous said...

Sad and pathetic. Why don't you thump your chest for the 178 Democrats who voted against this? Who is the pro-life Demo champion-Lipinski. I wonder how many union knuckle draggers would vote for him if he switched parties.

Pat Quinn LUVS PP. He just jacked my taxes. The missus and I both work to send six kids to private schools. Just signed in homo partnerships. Thanks for voting Demo Hickey. Just another southside mick who worships at the altar of the Demo party. Get your ass into Fr. Phillips confessional and let him know you are worshipping false gods.

pathickey said...


Great to have you stop by, Kenny. Always nice to hear the thoughts of reasoned and grounded chap like yourself.

Anonymous said...


Sorry I've been reading your blog long enough to know that reason doesn't play much of a role in your posts. 5% of the Dems in the House side with life, while 3% of the Reps side with Moloch leading Hickey to throw away logic and suggest the GOP is in bed with PP?

pathickey said...

Tut, Tut and nonsense, My Boy! No apology needed nor expected, Old Son.

Reading is taxing - the denotatum-"tassled loafer GOP" - noted some Republicans, not all, mind you. Thus, Biggert and Dold, suburban,comfortable RINO if you will voted with PP. & Lipinski/Joyce always against - therefore might and main Democrats bad; might and main GOP good on the issue of abortion.

Taxing chore reading.