Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wisconsin -Exploit the Disabled and Kill the Truth

This is the American Working Man?

The news media flooded a video of woman who claimed that Wisconsin budget actions by Governor Walker would 'kill her silently.' As in all things Progressive, the disabled were coached by an 'earnest youth' shouting through a megaphone in a closed room. In order to cloud the issue of public sector unions collective bargaining and the calamitous deficit, the forces at work claiming to champion the working man seem to be students and radicals who never had their hands on the business end of any tool -other than a megaphone.

Watch both videos - the first is the poor woman who believes that here Chemo therapy is tied to the issue of collective bargaining; the second one takes place prior to te woman's impassioned screed, when she was coached by the kid in the brown shirt, who also demands that the disabled not meet with State officials.

Card check should begin with our bearded Brown Shirt* with the microphone in the closed office in Madison.

* Jason Glozier with ADAPT - the kid's been busy blocking buses and and Pennsylvania Avenue.

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