Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chicago Code - The Irish Mob Meet-Up

"Remember it's the Ragen Colts your're dealing with. We have two thousand members between Halstead and Cottage Grove, and Forty-third and Sixty-third streets. We intend to run this district. Look out." - Ragen's Colts

The corridors of power in Chicago have long had the talons of Irish no-good-niks polishing their marble floors, after a good soaking with a stripping agent takes off the previous layer with a sound scrubbing of an abrasive pad placed under the high-speed disc of buffer, followed by a liberal dousing of the stone flooring with a high-quality wax applied with a stout and even distribution with wool-wand at the end of thick pole in the meaty hands of a stern steward, and finished by the replacement of the steel wool pad by the buffing element coursing its way under the power of the electric motor in ever widening circles, gyres and sweeps.
Ever widening gyres . . . Turning and turning in the widening gyre . . .Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; . . . Check that goof's card!

Yep, them corridors of power get polished up swell.

From the days of Big Mike McDonald, through the "hitters of Ragen's Colts and Ralph Sheldon's warring ways against the might of Spike O'Donnell and into the White House itself. The Gaelic spider looms its web of influence and intrigue and only now has television's Chicago Code revealed the true nature of the Arthropods of Erin.

I was privvy to one such exchange between the Original Gaels ( OGs) and I recorded this exchange.

Timmy ( speaking out of the left side of his mouth ) - " You got any . . .what that guy was talking about last week?"

Murph ( speaking to the left ear out of the right side of his mouth) - " No. He never mentioned what you're talking about."

Timmy - " That thing with the mailer. The one printed at that place over by Union."

Murph -"Never said nothing."

Timmy -" He said he told you,"

Murph - "We talking about the same guy? There were three guys there when we talked last at the St. John Fisher meeting about the Lent Fish Fry crews."

Timmy - " The Carmel guy, or the D (e La Salle Institute) guy?"

Murph -" No, his cousin that went to Marist - same name differnt guy."

Timmy - "Can he get my kid on?"

Murph - "On what?"

Timmy -"The trucks taking the mailers for our guy."

Murph -"What mailer?"

Timmy - "The mailer . . .what you think? Norman #$%^ing Mailer?"

Murph - 'Get a grip! Tone down. Who's mailer? The political guy, or the guy running the benefit for Houlie's kids?"

Timmy - "Houlie from Carmel?"

Murph - "No, Houlie what went to Quigley what's now St. Rita."

Timmy - "Can he get my kid on the trucks?"

Murph - "Not a chance. Hey, we never talked."

Thus, the Spider Murphy weaves his nefarious web.

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