Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Au Contraire, Monsieur Jean Kass - Carol Moseley Braun Benefits Best.

"The candidate who might benefit most is Gery Chico. If Rahm is kept off the ballot, Chico will likely become the establishment choice. The Daley boys will send somebody over to bring a coffeecake and make nice. And Chico will get his fundraising calls returned promptly.

"Our campaign was strong already," Chico told me. "And we're going to remain on the same plan that we were on yesterday, and it doesn't matter whether Rahm is on the ballot or not. Nobody in this race is more qualified than me to run the third-largest city in the country." John Kass -Chicago Tribune

Rahm won't give up easily. He wants to be mayor. And he can't run for president someday without winning this election first. So he'll have to cast himself as a casualty of the Chicago Way." John Kass - Chicago Tribune

As usual, John Kass hits one into the prognosticator's cheap seats and grips the pulse with the theme of political pay-back ( Karma is a Stitch -'Tis so!) on Rahm Emanuel, but I must part paths over who benefits most given the almost sure departure of Rahm's name from the February ballots.

Taking absolutely nothing away from the solid campaign and compelling narrative of Gery Chico - The Pride of Brighton Park and Kelly High Alumnus, I beg to differ.

Senator Carol Mosley Braun stands to gain the most from the Rahm-less ballots. I imagine, that Senator Braun's cell-phone voice mail is overloaded and possibly, just possibly, one voice mail may have come from 1600 Pennsylvannia Ave. -Wes Wing.

Burt Odelson's talents and tenacity as an electio lawyer were eclipsed by the endless parade of clipboard waving activists and tin-foil Huttr├Ągers. Never underestimate Burt Odelson. As the result of Burt's talents and tenacity, two of the three Appeals Court judges ruled that Rahm Emanuel's residency plea failed the law and his name should not appear on the ballots for the February Primary. The result?
Hold the phone, Jasper!

Gery Chico and Carol Mosely Braun will slug it out, but Senator Braun, it seems to this laddie-buck, has the advantage.

1. Senator Braun is the designated Black Candidate . . .well, yeah

2. With the 11 Million Dollar Man all but gone, Capital will flow to Carol like honey-dew vine water: N.B. on Jan. 21, Chicago News Cooperative reported on Carol Mosely Brauns 'meagre' coffers -

Through Dec. 31, the biggest donors to Braun included Ariel Investments founder John Rogers ($100,000); Sportsman’s Inn owner Herbert Hedgeman ($35,000); Elzie Higginbottom, the CEO of East Lake Management and Development ($29,000); and Midway Airport concessionaire Timothy Rand ($25,000). . . .Her only major financial supporter among politicians was U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, whose campaign fund gave $25,000 to the Carol for Chicago committee.

Braun reported receiving total donations of little more than $450,000, far less than rivals Rahm Emanuel and Gery Chico, through the end of 2010. During its first three months, the former U.S. senator’s mayoral committee spent more than $280,000, finishing the year with only about $164,000 in cash on hand.
. . .

3. The Chicago Media will not accept any candidate even remotely associated to the Ancien Regime ( any person or organization that is a part of any lecture by Dick Simpson concerning Good Government.

Money, Marbles, or Chalk? CMB's Mayoral Campaign Capital quadrupled last night.

Carol Moseley Braun is going get favorable press from the media that once all but crowned Rahm Emanuel - I realize that the Illinois Supreme Court is the next hurdle to be sure, but I can almost feel energy sparked by the panic in the editorial board rooms - "We Love Carol . . .always did. Chico? Too Burke for me. Vallas? Carol Moseley Braun yeah that's the ticket."

Gery Chico and Carol Moseley Braun should each send a twenty pound Whitman Sampler to Burt Odelson.

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