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God Guide Governor Quinn and Illinois! Why Is Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey Absent from the P-20 Initiative Board?

Superintendent of Chicago Catholic Schools Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey speaks truth to power and succeeds. Here, she seems to have baffled CPS's Karen Lewis with common sense.

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God Bless, Governor Pat Quinn. He has tons of coal to shovel. One thing is certain, it this -all Illinois tax-payers will have a huge pile of that coal on their backs.

Illinois Public Education takes up a good portion of the weight. To that end, Governor Quinn formed the Illinois P-20 Initiative to study and advise on making Illinois school children from Pre-school through Graduate School ( that's the 20, as in years) competitive.

The P-20 Initiative's charter states,

The P-20 Council is a statewide coordinating body composed of government officials, business executives, university administrators, and other leaders in the education community. This diverse group is charged with the responsibility of making recommendations at all levels of education in Illinois. As the name implies, the Council understands that Illinois needs a framework to guide education policy and integrate education from Pre-Kindergarten through grade twenty.

As part of this effort, will serve as a central resource for all educational initiatives radiating from the P-20 Council. This site includes announcements, meeting agendas and minutes, research tools, and links to other agencies to facilitate the move toward efficient and accountable educational programs.
That would be Catholic schools, Governor.

Time magazine states -

Statistical evidence of the parochial system's success is striking. James Coleman, a University of Chicago sociologist, has found that Catholic high school students outperform their public school counterparts in reading, vocabulary, mathematics and writing. The dropout rate in Catholic high schools was less than 4%, he discovered, compared with more than 14% in public schools. Black or Hispanic students are three times as likely to graduate in four years as their public school counterparts. Some 83% of the graduates go to college, in contrast to 52% of those from public school.Read more:,9171,973017,00.html#ixzz1AdaWYPjH

That is why the absence of the most successful education leader in Illinois, Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey Superintendent of Chicago Catholic Schools should have been appointed to the P-20 Council.

Here is the list of whom the Governor appointed -

P-20 Council Members
Name Membership Position Affiliation
Miguel del Valle Chair Clerk City of Chicago
Josh Anderson Member Executive Director Teach for America
Perry Buckley Member President CCCTU Local 1600
Ron Bullock Member Chief Executive Officer Bison Gear
Brad Burzynski Member Senator IL State Senate
Thomas Choice Member President Kishwaukee College
Deanna Demuzio Member Senator IL State Senate
Barbara Flynn Currie Member Representative IL House of Representatives
Ray Hancock Member President IL Community College Foundation
Fr. Dennis Holtscheider Member President DePaul University
Dr. Erika Hunt Member Project Director IL-SAELP Illinois State University
Dr. Michael Johnson Member Executive Director IL Assoc. of School Boards
Joyce Karon Member Former Director/ Former Member Barrington CUSD/ State Board of Education
Debra Kasperski Member National Board Certified Teacher Coal City School District
Maggie Laslo Member Campaign Director Service Employees International Union
John Luczak Member Program Director Joyce Foundation
Terry Mazany Member Chief Executive Officer Chicago Public Schools
Dea Meyer Member Executive Vice President Civic Committee
Jerry Mitchell Member Representative IL House of Representatives
Dr. Gary Niehaus Member Superintendant McLean County Unit School District
Jeffrey Owens Member President Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
Dr. Audrey Parsley Member School Psychologist Chicago Public Schools
Cynthia Plouche Member Portfolio Manager Williams Capital Management
Glenn Poshard Member President Southern Illinois University
Laurel Prussing Member Mayor City of Urbana
John Rico Member Chief Executive Officer Rico Computer Enterprises
Kathy Ryg Member President Voices for Illinois Chidlren
Audrey Soglin Member Executive Director Illinois Education Association
Robin Steans Member Executive Director Advance Illinois
Rick Stephens Member Senior Vice President Boeing Corporation
Debra Straus Member President IL Parent Teacher Association
Sharon Thomas Parrott Member Senior Vice President DeVry University
Andy Davis Ex Officio
Leadership Council Executive Director Illinois Student Assistance Commission
Chris Koch Ex Officio
Leadership Council Superintendant State Board of Education
Max McGee Ex Officio
Leadership Council President Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy
Geoff Obrzut Ex Officio
Leadership Council Chief Executive Officer Illinois Community College Board
Diana Rauner Ex Officio
Leadership Council Executive Director Ounce of Prevention
Warren Ribley Ex Officio
Leadership Council Director IL Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
Don Sevener Ex Officio
Leadership Council Interim Executive Director Illinois Board of Higher Education
Dr. Mike Baumgartner Leadership Council Executive Deputy Director Illinois Board of Higher Education
Lizanne Destefano Coordinator/ Leadership Council Professor, Director I-STEM University of Illinois
Karen Hunter Anderson Leadership Council Vice President Illinois Community Colleges Board
Elaine Johnson Leadership Council Vice President Illinois Community College Board
Deborah Meisner-Bertauski Leadership Council Associate Director Illinois Board of Higher Education
Susan Morrison Leadership Council Deputy Superintendent State Board of Education
Ginger Ostro Leadership Council Senior Policy Advisor Illinois Student Assistance Commission
David Smalley Leadership Council Assistant Director Illinois Education Research Council
Julie Smith Leadership Council Deputy Chief of Staff Governor's Office
Jeffrey Stauter Leadership Council Senior Policy Advisor IL Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity
Kathleen Sullivan Brown Leadership Council Former Director Illinois Education Reseach Council
Jason Tyszko Leadership Council Deputy Chief of Staff IL Dept. of Commerce & Economic Opportunity

Sr. Mary Paul McCaughey leads the largest and the only tax-saving and success driven educational body in Illinois.

After the inauguration, Governor Quinn needs to amend the roster.

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