Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tribune Report on Egypt Protest - Solid Work by Reporter Dan Hinkel!

Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Hinkel identified the creeps and professional stooges attempting to hijack the legitimate grievances of Egyptians and Egyptian Americans. International Solidarity Movement (ISM) works with many anti-American and Marxist groups to destroy Israel masked as human rights do-gooders. The Hamas Flotillas last summer was planned in Cairo - Bill Ayers and his odious life partner Bernardine Dorhn have made numerous trips to the Middle East -Cairo in particular. Kevin Clark of ISM coached the naive Rachel Corrie who was killed by an Israeli bulldozer and Chicago Utility Activist (Gay Everything/Hamas/anti-Police) Andy Thayer are constant presence - Kevin Clark was behind the Catholic School Girls assault on Worshipers at Holy Name Cathedral and always manages to escape the notice of the Chicago Media. Nine SEIU/ISM activists were subpoenaed by a Federal Grand jury for work with Hamas and FARC in Columbia.

Today, one Chicago reporter identified the clowns.

"A smattering of socialists, anarchists and anti-Israel protesters joined their ranks, all under the eyes of uniformed police."

Now, let's have a solid follow-up.

Here's Kevin Clark doing his moral high ground medicine show in Chicago last June in solidarity with Hamas. Watch this Israel Hating creep and let's give Kevin some front page attention.

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JB Powers said...

Good piece of work there by Hinkel.

It is all too common to ignore the fact that some real doozies are in our midst right here in Chicago. Hinkel calls it accurately, rather than bury the facts.