Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Governor Pat Quinn Can Explain the Tax Increase

There ain't that much booze in the world to make this Tax Jump in any way palatable - unless, of course, one is a Public Radio Zombie already. Open wide and swallow hard!

Nevertheless, Governor Quinn can present this tax for what it is . . .

Governor Pat Quinn should follow this script-rubric presented by Speaker Madigan's spokesman Steve Brown. This is the only common sense approach to explaining the run-away fiscal avalanche that Illinois created since Blago bought the governor's office . . .with alot of help.

In response to this question, "If you were the governor, how would you sell this income tax hike to the citizenry?"

Steve Brown wrote -


Steve Brown - Wednesday, Jan 12, 11 @ 7:47 am:

The easiest message is the truth. The budget reforms — including the tax increase — prevent a shutdown of vitally needed government services, payless paydays and bond defaults. It will also prevent derivatives traders from actions that might lead to same consequences we saw in the housing market.

The Illinois tax structure remain competitive with both surrounding states and states with the same quality of life as Illinois — two vastly different categories.
BTW Rich’s newsletter contains a number of errors concerning Speaker Madigan and the gaming bill.

The Speaker recused himself on that bill early on because a client of the law firm could benefit from the bill. He took role concerning the bill and therefore was not involved in the decision to not move the bill.

Rich was asked to correct the incorrect information in the newsletter.
(emphasis my own)

Steve Brown earns every nickel he makes.

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