Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Planned Parenthood' s Chinatown Moment -Hu is Pro Choice? Millions of Chinese Unborn Can Tell You.

Planned Parenthood's President met with Red China's Hu Jintao. Hu is holding the markers for Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae. So, the White House gussied up the joint and really put on the dog for Hu. Hey, that last State dinner was a wow! There'll be bowing aplenty - shucks, Hu might want the Vig.

Wednesday's opulent, black-tie affair with President Barack Obama - the grandest of White House soirees - will mark the first such event in China's honor in 13 years and could help smooth tensions between the world's two largest economies.

Some big questions remain: Who will cook? Who is coming to dinner? Can the White House avoid mistakes like those that marred the reception when a protocol-conscious Hu arrived for an April 2006 summit? is this century's Lord Jackie Fischer of Red China, building an enormous Navy that will challenege the U. S. Pacific and Asiatic fleets in the coming years over control of the sea lanes that once protected South Korea an Japan.

Hu continues to the Red Chinese policy of 'transparency' and dedication to human rights begun when Mao kicked Chiang to Taiwan.

But Hu is Pro Choice and honors a Woman's Right to choose to kill her unborn child. Now, who can hate Hu? or is it Hu-m?

There is common ground, Marsha and Katerina! Abortion is the answer to every economic woe and is THE UN sanctioned universal genocide - every unborn child may be chosen for termination - no matter race, creed, or national origin. Choice! It's what's for the State Dinner! Common ground.

As a result of Obama and Clinton policies, U.S. taxpayers must once again give millions to the UN Population Fund (UNFP). This UN group aids and abets China's government as it brutally enforces its one-child policy. Hundreds of millions of Chinese women have been forced to have abortions. China's unborn children who are tested and found to be female are at special risk. Nor is this heinous policy limited to the unborn. Female infanticide is routine in rural China, as the Population Research Institute's courageous Steven Mosher has documented.

The Obama administration's position is surely strange for one that professes to be pro-choice and pro-woman. But that is no stranger than seeing the 2009 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Barack Obama, wine and dine the jailer of Liu Xiaobo, who is the 2010 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize!

The Nobel Peace Prize committee says that human rights are the soundest basis for peace. As a former U.S. ambassador to U.N. Human Rights, I believe they are surely right about that. The fact that China's Communist rulers continue to give the back of their hand to international concerns about human rights, and come with an iron hand against all domestic opposition, is a matter for concern for the entire world.

Cute. As cute as a Chinese baby.

Choice, the Cosmetic Holocaust.

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