Monday, January 31, 2011

Sun Times Endorsement of Rahm Emanuel - Convinced Me.

Less than a week after the Illinois Supreme Court allowed Rahm Emanuel to be a native son of Chicago, the Chicago Sun Times editorial board applied the oils to the brow of Rahm and here's why.

As we see it, only two of the six candidates for mayor, Emanuel and Gery Chico, are fully up to the job. Both have the record of achievement, the toughness and the smarts to lead Chicago through what is sure to be a brutal era of budget cutting and government restructuring, while at the same time protecting and advancing those assets and attributes that make Chicago great.

Emanuel stands apart from Chico, however, in his relative independence from city contractors and unions. Because Emanuel largely made his career in Washington, he simply owes fewer people here.

"Relative Independence from contractors and unions ( Oh, bother those nasty contractors and unions)" annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd "he simply owes fewer people here!" Do he owe a whole passel of folks elsewhere, do he?

Hey, Sister and Brother Rubes! And you think the Wednesday Snow Job will be something?

My path is clear! I'm getting me to the Polling Place at the CPD Morgan Park 22nd District, today to cast my vote for . . . one of the six candidates for Mayor of Chicago!

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