Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rahm Emanuel has Liver Troubles

Lunchtime! A quick sprint to the Leo Cafeteria - Hmmmmm! Delectable offerings from which I'll select three dozen oysters, six crabs, and a few servings of green turtle soup, followed by a main course of two whole ducks, six or seven lobsters, a sirloin steak, two servings of terrapin and a host of vegetables. Water -chilled to a palatable 45 degrees. Now, to the broadsheets and tabloids a la Web!

This just in - Illinois Supreme Court Leaves Rahm on Ballot for Now.

Rahm's Media Empire Goes Gangster on Judges! The Two that Ed Burke Keeps "around in his pocket, like so many nickels and dimes." Medill is a hoot!

Yep, Chicago's Doublemint Twin papers Trib 'N Times howled like a sensitive old man who zipped up his fly out of sync with his business, about the Appelate Court Ruling and now are trying to trash the two judges as political hacks -

The Trib -

Longtime Appellate Court Judges Thomas E. Hoffman and Shelvin Louise Marie Hall — who on Monday ruled that Emanuel's stay in Washington precludes him from running for mayor this year — were both judicial candidates slated for election by the Cook County Democratic Party judicial slating committee chaired by Ald. Edward Burke, 14th.

Burke, one of Chicago's most powerful politicians, holds huge sway in the election of judges at every level, including the Illinois Supreme Court, where his wife, Anne, sits as a justice and where the Emanuel ballot question is now headed for a final decision.
That is darling!

The two judges stood for election. The Great Dissenter Judge Lampkin was appointed (by whom?) and had yet to stand election.

Like his former Boss -President Obama, who's buddy Guv. Abercrombie of Hawaii can not find his Birth Certificate -is beset by nay-sayers. President Obama is crowded by Birthers who do not believe that he was BORN IN THE USA! BOrrrrRN IN THE USA!

Rahm Emanuel has spent many happy hours in Chicago, but many folks believe that he does not LIVE here anymore - They are Livers.

The Livers are giving Rahm's Campaign all sorts of hic-ups. The Illinois Supreme Court just gave him a dose of salts . . .against the Livers.

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