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Sun Times Editorial Board's Reality Check - 2012 One Billion Dollar Reality.

2012 - One Billions Dollars!!!!

. . . .We have defended Emanuel’s right to be on the ballot in two earlier editorials, leading some to question whether we would have so forcefully run to the defense of a less prominent candidate.

In truth, probably not, though the same legal and common-sense arguments would apply. But it is precisely because Emanuel is no also-ran in this election — polls show he is the favorite of almost half the voters — that ruling him off the ballot would have been a travesty.

Tens of thousands of voters effectively would have been disenfranchised.

Now let’s get back to what should be the real issues in this election — the quality of our schools, the safety of our neighborhoods, the soundness of our city’s finances.

Although, let’s admit it: This was a fascinating education.
Editor, Please!

Last night I watched the debate and "Working Families" was repeated more times than Charlie Sheen has been taken to the ER.

Working families, like quality schools ( read CPS same-old-same-old), the safety of our neighborhoods ( read anti-gun marches to stop the violence and trot out Burge every three weeks for a hate fest) and soundness of city finances ( read more boon-doggles) add up to President Obama's Billion Dollar 2012 Campaign*.

Rahm Emanuel might make a good Mayor. However, the Hosannas coming from the Tribune and the Chicago Sun Times editorial boards and iconic ink-slingers do the math for us "working families." Working Families like the Pritzkers, God Love 'Em!

Creation of an outside group by an obvious Obama insider, or a major donation from a high level Obama supporter, such as Chicago fundraiser Penny Pritzker, to an existing group.

Read more:
Most Chicagoans read and remember - Group Hugs by the Media: Olympics/Small School Initiative/Guns Kill People/Pencils Flunk Students.

With the Reelection of President Obama will come One Billions Dollars for Working Families! The Working Family Mayor will be on the 5th Floor.

President Obama's Campaign 2012 is in the blocks and will be bankrolled by an estimated One Billions Dollars. Chicago is Headquaters. Dave Axelrod is pulling the switches. Rahm Emanuel's service to his country these last two years has paid off handsomely. Andy Shaw is running the BGA. Can't get better than that. Except for Working Families, Cops, City Workers, Home Owners, Firemen, Skilled Tradesmen, Kids and future homicide statistics.

Obama and 2012: The first billion dollar campaign?
Rick Moran
It's more than a possibility. Obama spent $750 million to get elected in 2010 and an incumbent president has even more opportunity to rake in the cash.

Chris Cilliza on the reasons Obama might raise that almost unthinkable amount:

First, he collected $750 million while running as a senator. He'll now be running as a president, which should allow him to clean up financially to an even greater extent, thanks to the power of incumbency.
Second, the continued development and maturation of Internet fundraising over the past four years means that the $500 million - yes, you read that right - that Obama raised online in 2008 could well be topped in 2012, noted Ben Ginsberg, a top Republican lawyer who served as an adviser to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential bid.

Third, the growth of a shadow Republican Party of outside groups - epitomized by American Crossroads, which spent $70 million on the 2010 midterms - should help fuel Democratic donations to Obama. (It remains unclear whether a Democratic-aligned outside group - or groups - will form to siphon off some of those donations.)

While the pieces are clearly in place for Obama to crest the $1 billion fundraising mark in 2012, some skepticism remains - even among his supporters - about the president's ability to reach that lofty mark.

That skepticism may be well founded. Certainly the small donations that sustained the campaign through much of the primaries will probably be down as many of the young have lost faith in The One. But that may be offset by many more "bundlers" who will seek to curry favor with the incumbent.

One thing is nearly certain; Obama is not going to raise less than the amount he gathered in 2008. That should put the GOP on notice that they must do a much better job or, as in the campaign against John McCain, Obama will leave Republicans in the dust with his fundraising.

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