Friday, January 28, 2011

Capitol Fax Brag - Change History -" No Fact, Just Brag"

Rich Miller has a clearing house of Illinois political news. He also pens prose musings for the Sun Times. Capitol Fax Blog then gins up approval of Miller's columns like Hedley LaMarr whoops up the boys for Governor LePetomain. "I didn't hear a Harrumph, from that guy! ( Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph!)

Today Rich Miller portays Civil War historian Shelby Foote with am Illinois factoid that perfectly matches the Media's demand that Rahm be ballot worthy - he is; they did. Even Miller's Civil War guy defeated the vile post-Bellum Appelate Court of Illinois. Here is where Gabby Miller snaps his galluses - them's suspenders, Son - too broadly, over-plays his hand and tosses out facts that are looser than a box of snuff:

A few years ago, former Chicago Schools CEO Paul Vallas wanted to run for office in Illinois but was told he couldn’t. Unlike Judge Smith and Rahm Emanuel, Vallas sold his Chicago house when he moved to Pennsylvania. He registered to vote in Philadelphia and then he voted there. He made his intent crystal clear with those actions, so he couldn’t run for office in Illinois.

Smith and Emanuel, on the other hand, had no intention of ever becoming citizens of another state, and they clearly proved it. Case closed.

If Rahm’s elected mayor, he ought to name a street after Judge Smith.

Well, Suh! Facts are Troub'lim' things - It was the summer of '05 -August 4 to be Preezact and Paul Vallas sold his house in Morgan Park to be sure - some time ter'other when Blago won and Paul went to Philly, but purchased a home in Palos Heights after having rented for five years - loooooooong before he took a charge at running for anything . . . but he was not allowed to do, by dint of "Chicago Circuit Court Judge Raymond Jagielski siding with the Illinois State Board of Elections and Cook County Clerk David Orr, granting their motion to dismiss Vallas' petition to be declared an Illinois resident."
. You see, H'yar, Sharon and the boys, live up this away and Paul commuted on weekends, but the ink-slingers did not see a Judge Smith parallel - No, Suh! You see that election in '06 was Blago Happy Days and Media Hugs! Yes, Suh! Time for my vittles and branch water! Elihu, bring on my spoon vittles and meat provenders! ( spits wad of Mail Pouch Plug)

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