Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Anaheim, CA! Does Bill Maher Need Spell Check?

Bill Maher needs a spell checker on his spray paint can.

As long as our media is ramped up about the climate of political discourse, I thought this might get a glimpse from the news folks. Naw.

ANAHEIM – Police were called Tuesday morning to investigate a report that "Kill THE CATHLICS!" was spray-painted on a wall near the entrance of St. Boniface Catholic Church.
About 7:15 a.m., police were sent to the church at 120 N. Janss St. regarding the incident on the west side of the church, police said.
Parishioners attending mass this morning at Saint Boniface Catholic Church experienced a hateful message spray painted on the church's west wall. The graffiti read, "Kill THE CATHLICS!" BRUCE CHAMBERS, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER
removed Wednesday. Parishioners have been asking what happened, said Maria Alcala, a secretary at the church.
Alcala said police took an incident report and will review surveillance video to determine when the incident occurred and to see if they can determine who did it.

Thanks to Patrick Madrid!

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