Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stunner - Kanye West Offered No Relief to Australian Flood Victims - West Hates Cobbers!

Ozzys ain't on Kanye's shilling sling. Af'ta all Bush maltreats the Abos.

Bloke I know in Perth sent me this message - Why ain't Kanye West helping the people of Brisbane? He was all over the New Orleans blow.

Fair suck of the sav*! Nothin'? Well, Ole Hickey'll toss a couple of coppers your way, Cobbers! ( click my post title)

To give the Pompous coit his due, Cobbers, Kanye was busy closing Fatburgers in Orland Park, Illinois.

*Saveloy - British, Scottish, Welsh, Australian sausages ( fish and chip variety) akin to hot dogs; thus double entendre like 'Eat Me!' as an exlamation of surprise.

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