Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Portrait of Andy Thayer - Pan Pest and Utility Fruitcake

Chicago Sun Times reporter Kim Janssen does a complete work-up on one of Chicago's ubiquitous pests, who traditionally stays under scrutiny by the Chicago Media.

For the first time, that I can recall, a Chicago newsman has done a thorough work-up of the activities and the background on one of the Progressive Machine's utility loudmouths -Andy Thayer.

Mr. Thayer has been given more face and microphone time than Oprah Winfrey in the last couple of years, but like Hamas leader ISM's Kevin Clark, Radical PR mogul Marilyn Katz, the unctious and odius Bill Ayers &Bernardine Dohrn, police torture/abuse wildcatter G. Flint Taylor, and Thayer's employer Lawsuit Lotto Lawyer Jon Loevy, remains unanalyzed by our local news hounds.

Until today - Thayer prefers the fitted T-shirts, sensible glasses and neat haircut that befit a middle-aged gay man whose day job is office manager for the law firm Loevy & Loevy. He’s quick to agree that he’s only one of many organizers, and that G-8 NATO protestors will march for a plethora of causes, including an “Occupy” coalition that emphasizes collective action over individual leadership.

For all that, his whole life might have been building to this moment.

Raised in a small town in upstate New York by his father, who designed missile parts, and his mother, an activist who secretly helped Vietnam draft dodgers escape to Canada, he was a misfit from the start.

The Sun Times remains daffy at the editorial/columnist level, but is blessed with genuine news talent -Mark Konkol, Natasha Korecki, Tim Novak, Chris Fusco, Steve Metsch, and Abdon Pallasch. Chicagoans deserve to have the bullshit icing removed from the fruitcakes, sneaks, and bullies called activists. Let's get real, as Crown Heights Al Sharpton might say, in the fervent hope that it never actually gets real.

I hope that other journalists follow Kim Janssen's lead and give Chicago readers some insight into the people who play at Revolution and have been allowed to not only get away with crimes and misdemeanors, but manage to suck tax-dollars out of our pockets. It would be nice to see work ups on the goofballs and screw-ups trotted out at election time as "Ain't She Great/Ain't He Great" ballot choices. Look at the race between Dorothy Brown and Ricky Munoz as empirical evidence of that.

An informed public and electorate needs information, not propaganda.

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