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Google Adsense Subtracts Catholics - Obama Counts on It.

In Google (GOOG, Fortune 500), the $22-billion-a-year online-advertising Goliath, Obama appears to have found a corporate kindred spirit. Google executives, led by CEO Eric Schmidt and co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are scary smart and supremely self-confident (much like the President himself), and despite their company's growing power, they depict themselves as advocates for consumers.

"What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down," Obama told Google employees during a 2007 visit to its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.

Google refused to allow advertisements on a Catholic Blog because Catholic was 'negative and pornographic.' Photos of Our Lady? Saints?

Can this be merely a coincidence? I have been using Google Blogger for a few years, as a writing pad. My penmanship, once rather nice, thanks to the Sisters of Mercy, deteriorated through decades of teaching, which requires the signing of quick-notes that began in 1975Please admit Gabriel Horn to 6th period, as he was enjoying full, rich flavor of Virginia tobacco in the second floor men's room, he should have been much more industrious and gone into the faculty men's room near the boiler room which goes unoccupied, until Sherwood changes the oil on # 3 bus, takes the Kankakee Daily Journal in with him and occupies that august currule chair until school dismissal. Thank You Hickey, English. and devolved to G.Horn >6th> PFH( indiscernible as a Doctor's note).

I write, as has been my practice, each and every morning. I don't get paid - I don't do ads.

Most Bloggers pick up candy and smokes money by offering Ads -on Google via AdSENSE.

The information highway offers more than communication and information. It is the Sears Roebuck of the World. It is also Slippery Dan's House of Knockers and Rumps.

Pornography has been with us since paleolithic man* smeared stuff on cave walls. Art is often pornographic and intrusively offensive like the Mapplethorpe and his disciples, which always manage to find cave space at the Guggenheim. I am an unsophisticated man.

I like Dogs Playing Poker and Pool, but I appreciate the contributions made to Art by people of Faith -Cimabue, Raphael, Giotto, Tintoretto & etc.

Art is always political and so, it seems is Google. I read this in Chicago Now of the Chicago Tribune.

A few days ago I put in an application to Google AdSense to be on my blog. What that means is there would be an ad on my blog, and if you click on that ad, I would get paid a little bit. I don't get paid now, so I thought it might be worth a shot.

I waited patiently as other bloggers got approved within hours in some cases or days. I finally contacted them and this was the response I got:

"Your ads are not serving to your site is because we have noticed you have
negative or pornographic content. Please remove this content and allow 48
hours for ads to begin serving. If you believe that your site has been
flagged incorrectly please let me know.
The Good Folks at Google

The blogger continued -
I've been writing this blog since November of 2010. I've never used a swear word in the headline. I've never put up an inappropriate picture. I have, however, written about being Catholic and what that has meant to me, my family and friends.

I have written about abortion and the scandal within our Church involving sexual misconduct by our priests. I wrote about my great niece making her First Communion and I've written about our choir's struggles to find another parish after our Pastor forced us out. I've written about the new translation and a myriad of other topics related to my Catholic faith.

Potentially negative, non-family safe or offensive to their advertisers? It that's the case, I have two words for Google AdSense and they are not God bless.

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Nevertheless, I found this on Google -

“Fear Factor” producers’ plans to serve fresh glasses of donkey semen to contestants on the next episode had NBC execs so concerned … they gave serious thought to killing the stunt, TMZ has learned.
Sources involved in the production tell us the stomach-churning stunt was shot last summer — but NBC honchos were having a tough time swallowing this one as the air date approached.
We’re told the challenge involved teams of twins drinking the full glass of donkey semen — with a glass of urine thrown in for good measure. Contestants had to drain both glasses in order to move on to the next round.
Our sources say NBC execs had multiple pow-wows in the months after the stunt was shot … but eventually gave FF producers the thumbs up.
Calls to NBC were not immediately returned.
The episode airs this coming Monday — and yes, we’re told multiple contestants actually do (gulp) drink up.

Like I said, I am no sophisticate - De Gustibus Non Est Disputanum. I have yet to see Fear Factor, Jersey Shore, Kardshian Anything, Hard Core Porn of any kind.

Google cites Catholic Blog content as negative and pornographic. President Obama finds Catholics and the Catholic Faith equally as offensive and is on the offensive in support of Planned Parenthood and Gay Marriage. I am glad I take no Google coin - more so now.

What we shared is a belief in changing the world from the bottom up, not from the top down - Take down Catholics and the rest is easy.

The cave man used the tools he found at hand. His pigments were ochre and manganese and iron dug from the earth and mixed with animal fat. Or charcoal, perhaps left from the same fires which burned to light the darkness of his cave. His canvas was the walls, floors and ceilings of his cavern home, often in large seemingly communal chambers, often in the deepest most difficult to access recesses. Occasionally he used stone or flint tools to engrave or carve a bas- relief. He sometimes employed the natural variation in the surface of the walls to achieve a three dimensional effect.

His subject? The things he knew best; the animals upon which he depended for food and clothing - his very existence. Those same animals which could mean danger and death. There are bison, deer, mammoth, ibex and wooly rhinoceros. Fish and horses and bear. He painted and he engraved single figures, animals in pairs, whole compositions. He overlapped lines or superimposed new figures over those of an earlier time or age. He painted too, human figures: male, female, anthropomorphic figures more crudely rendered than animals. He sometimes used his own hand as a stencil. Most intriguing of all he painted signs. Non- representational forms, repeated over and over in never-ending variation. These have been variously interpreted as sexual symbols, counting methods, architectural structures, lunar variations or depiction of plant life.

His style? A sense of freeness, a flowing, often sensitive line. An ease of composition. A oneness with his work. This early man, working by the light of charcoal fires or crude oil lamps often in the deepest, darkest recesses of his cave, produced an art form which seldom has been equaled to this day. A universal style - for similar drawing and identical themes are found in caves many hundreds of miles apart - symbols which continued, little changed, for 10,000 years.

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Bill Nybo said...

Pat Hickey: I have been reading your blog for the last year. I always end my day with the hearty laugh you either knowingly or unintentionally provide your readers. Even your serious subject material reveals a latent humor I came to appreciate many years ago on Michigan Avenue. Keep up the great work!

Bill Nybo