Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rep. Quigley & Sen.Kirque - Ripping Japes and Pranking the President

On the third day of the trip, Kirk and Quigley respects at the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.
Kirk points to an expanded waistline as evidence of a great trip. He gained five pounds, he says
Daily Heralds.

K- "Dude, let's grab an armful and bolt.

Q- " Just random flowers."

K- " It's not like they paid for them."

Q- " And they're Polacks's!"

K- "Duuuuuuuude!!!!!! That is so not cool."

Q- "Whatever."

( Last Time: Mike and Marque wanted to 'find the fire' behind the smoke involving the wate of millions of HLS tax-dollars by Cook County while Quigley was on the County Board and immediately jetted off to Poland.

Here's our boys - they have taken the affable President Obama "prisoner 'under arrest-like. "

“That’s about as high-handed a proceeding as I have heard of in a long time, Quigley!” exclaimed Sen. Kirque.

“Tut, tut,” returned Quigley; “just a little bi-partisan fun.”

“Fun?” echoed Marque Kirque h. “It’s lawless fun, then and should be severely condemned. The President lured from his hotel, made a prisoner—even locked up—and this What’s-his-name, pitcher for the GOP, deliberately waylaid, bound hand and foot, and left among the rocks-you call that cowboy fun, eh?”

“Rough fun, mebby,” said Quigley, “but the regular, Simon-pure article as developed by a bunch of daredevil Occupiers. They didn’t mean any harm, not at all. The consideration shown Obama proves that.”

“But suppose those steers had trampled The Presdent in the gap? Suppose he had been injured during the rowdying that followed the game?”

“That would have been too blame’ bad, only it didn’t happen. No man’s got any business worrying over what doesn’t happen. Eh,Mr. President?”

“I should think not,” Barry answered.

“And you’re satisfied?”


Quigley turned and reached a hand over the back of the seat.

“Put it there, son!” he cried heartily. “You can take a joke, even if it is rough, and that’s the sort of spirit that’ll carry a fellow far in this man’s country. Right this minute I’ll bet something handsome that the Tin Cup outfit, the Congressional Black Caucas and. the GOP punchers are having a love feast. Oh, they’re all right; so’s Boehner, and Obama, too—a whole lot. Everything’s all right, and I wish you’d hit it up with your car and get me home in time for supper. The wife never likes to have me late.”

After dropping Obama’s hand, Quigley squared around in his seat.

“That boy, Kirque,” he added, in a low voice; “is the clear quill. From now on I’m goin’ to watch him with considerable interest.”

Keep up with our Illinois Congressional Frog & Toad - Congressman Mike Quigley and Senator Marque Kirque -Bi-Partisan Buddies

Apologies to Frank Merriwell

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