Thursday, January 12, 2012

G8/NATO Conventioneers - Will Mayor Raccoon Eyes Keep the Euro-Trash et al Penned Up in the Loop, or Let Them Run All Over My Neighborhood?

In Seattle, about 35,000 people protested a World Trade Organization meeting in 1999 and caused more than $2 million in damage to businesses. There were violent clashes between protesters and police in Pittsburgh during a G-20 summit in 2009.

Protestors be damned! I am worried about the Euro-trash, Russkis, Nipponese and the odd Brit desecending upon the neighborhoods. Canadians are more than welcome. Shucks, they're are the NHL after all. The rest of them? I hope that they remain hugging the Lake, and the River within the faux security perimeter.

I asked a police officer neighbor of mine about the up-coming Twin Towers of Tourists(G-8/NATO) arriving in Spring 2012 and whether or not Proms should be cancelled. Leo has had its Senior Prom at the Streeterville Marriot for years. " Beats me, Hickey. Old Raccoon Eyes hasn't finished mapping out our strategies."

Raccoon Eyes?

"Yeah take a look at the Mayor and then at one of the fat furry @#$%ers pawing at the garbage bins - like twins," Truly.

I imagine Leo will opt to stay south of the Stevenson come prom time.

Back to the G8/NATO visit - everyone worries about the visiting American Eagle, American OutFitters bedecked anarchists and our home grown fruitcakes disrupting Chicago's Twin Towers of Tourism. We can expect, pissy taunts at cops, bad signage, worse press and media coverage than usual, fatuous pronouncements by the likes of Dithering Dick Durbin, former Governor Quinn, a Rocky Raccoon banjo solo by Sheila Simon backed by Loose Gravel, a hotel maid slapped by Jan Schakowsky, a bar tab check kited by her hubby, the odd tire fires along lower Wacker Drive, and Andy Thayer 24/7.

The Loop will be locked down and meters paid by our local Maecenases (you got to give to get, a more cynical person might say); I have a huge question.

What about the G8/NATO diplomats? Will they be penned in or free range diplomatic immunity incidents in potens.

Diplomatic Immunity is the Geneva Convention for the Stripped Pants Crowd which allows foreign representative freedom from arrest, trial and conviction in most cases.

The Diplomatic Relations Act of 1978 (22 U.S.C. § 254a et seq.) follows the principles introduced by the Vienna Conventions. The United States has had a tendency to be generous when granting diplomatic immunity to visiting diplomats, because a large number of U.S. diplomats work in host countries less protective of individual rights. If the United States were to punish a visiting diplomat without sufficient grounds, U.S. representatives in other countries could receive harsher treatment.

In the United States, if a person with immunity is alleged to have committed a crime or faces a civil lawsuit, the State Department asks the home country to waive immunity of the alleged offender so that the complaint can be moved to the courts. If immunity is not waived, prosecution cannot be undertaken. However, the State Department still has the discretion to ask the diplomat to withdraw from her or his duties. Often, the diplomat's visas are canceled; and the diplomat and her or his family may be barred from returning to the United States. Crimes committed by members of a diplomat's family can also result in dismissal.

So my question remains, since neighborhood folks can't come downtown via the old family Ford and diplomats always scofflaw traffic postings, meters and paint, will the dilomats range out to Morgan Park, Gresham, Bridgeport, Chatham, and Mount Greenwood?

Will the staff at Ken's on Western Ave. go unpaid and untipped? Will Froggy Oenophiles sniff snifters at Hinky Dinks? Will Brits**,wearing the same pair of tighty whities for a fortnight, decided to crowd onto the Metra, the L and CTA and harbinger Spring with a scent of Gary, Indiana circa 1972. Will scores of Japanese Foreign Service Samurai wearing over-sized green foam ChiRish Hats pile out of a McNamara Cab and drain Sean's Rhino Bar dry - No Pay! Thank You. Will the Beverly Art Center show Jerry Lewis Movies? Will Silvio Berlusconi types park near Mother McAuley?

If there are going to be free-range diplomats taking up space at Bobaks and Calabria. . . It is my fervant hope and prayer that a Chomsky loving Marxist Fouccault spouter stops in at Canaryville's Kelly's Tavern* at 4403 S Wallace St Chicago, IL 60609. for cocktails and some critiques of American Exceptionalism. . . .better yet the Flags Club on 47 & Wallace.

Immunity? Oh, sure we recognize immunity. Here, read this redaction of the Vienna Accords on the bottom of my Florsheims.

*Took over the buisness in 1985 from Bob Kelly,the original owner. Have added a beer garden,done some extensive remodeling,and 25 years later,still at it.

Meet the Business Owner: Bill B.
Graduate of De La Dalle high school,class of 75.Worked for the city of chicago for seven years,left the city to buy Kellys Tavern in 1985.Still at it 25 years later.

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