Thursday, January 05, 2012

Two Guys - One Back from Vacation and the other Still Working

“We’ve done a lot but we’ve got a lot more to do,” he said. “That’s why we need four more years.” President Barack Obama in Ohio yesterday.

Axelrod - " So, nice vacation and Holiday Season?"

President - " I guess."

Axelrod - " S'a Matter?"

President - " The wife asked what I planned to do today."

Axelrod - " Wha'd you say?"

President - " Nothing. I told her nothing."

Axelrod - " Th'ad a problem?"

President - " Not really."

Axelrod - "Wa'd she say then?"

President - " Aw . . .she said, 'You did that yesterday!'"

Axelrod - "And?"

President - " I told wasn't finished yet."

Axelrod - " Good one. I'll see you in Chicago on the 11th*."

President - "Really?"

Axelrod -" Yeah. Been scheduled awhile.. . . You know . . . shovel ready. See you."

President - " I guess. . . Shut the door; Okay?"


President Barack Obama heads home to Chicago in less than two weeks to raise money for his 2012 campaign.

Obama lands in the Windy City on Jan. 11 for big-buck fundraisers at the homes of media mogul Fred Eychaner and Bear Stearns executive Stuart Taylor, according to the Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet.

The visit is Obama's 10th since he was elected president.

Obama celebrated his 50th birthday at the Aragon Ballroom in August and began his fundraising campaign in Chicago in April. First Lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden have visited separately for fundraisers as well.

Obama's 2012 headquarters is stationed at the Prudential Building, which faces the site of his 2008 victory rally. It's not known whether he'll visit the headquarters.

If he feels up to it.


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