Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Distressing Irish -Michelle Obama's Trail of Tears -It's Hurtful. . .Pains Her. . .Racist

Another distressing and powerful Irish Catholic family. "Them Irish N#$$ers is crazy!"*

"I'm Irish sure, racism is part of my culture!" The Guard Sony Pictures 2011

A controversial new book by NY Times journalist Jodi Kantor titled “The Obamas” quotes First Lady Michelle Obama, a South Side of Chicago native as being very hostile to the Irish American power families who ran Chicago for generations

And who can blame her? Look how the Micks and Paddys have treated Michelle and her much set-upon husband- Our President.

The Daley, Hynes and Madigan families forced her husband into that raggedy old White House and then they made her too go to that nasty-ass country.


Irish Nigger The Urban Dictionary

The modern American oil slave, marked by lusterless pale skin, bristly hair (usually close-cropped in males and tragically processed in females), dull eyes, a snub nose and a wide mouth that seems overly packed with teeth. A proud race bred for high-risk, low-paying government jobs, these row-home-dwelling winter creatures suffer high rates of domestic violence rooted in a volatile combination of repressed homosexuality and alcoholism. The Irish Nigger is raised on a feed consisting of bleached hydrogenated flour flakes, animal fat, and high levels of sodium to induce thirst for carbonated corn syrup water. The trickle of government-sanctioned education they receive before reaching sexual maturity does little to enlighten their world view, thereby sheltering and nurturing their innate sense of nobility and feeling of allegiance with white power. Unlike the resistant and biologically indomitable African slaves of the past, the Irish Nigger is content with his lot in life, and stands a boon to the American economy, single-handedly keeping the alcohol, automotive and sweatpants industries afloat while heedlessly sacrificing life and limb in the oil wars waged by their capitalist-imperialist overlords.
"Will Irish Niggers ever stop listening to Kings of Leon all day long?!"

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