Thursday, January 05, 2012

Space, Time and Material + Earnest Effort - Forethought = An Existential Conundrum

Immediately, prior to this, the very last contract for the now defunct Two Guys Epimethean* Cement Finishing and Pavement Solutions, Roy, the assistant and junior partner, found a beautifully framed mirror lying on the street. Roy carried the mirror over to his boss Clyde, " Hey, I know this guy!"

Clyde, grimmaced while also peering into the reflected image and condescended to note, " Of course you know him, moron, it's me! Now, let's get these barriers posted. They won't get in by themselves."

"Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny." Eddie Carrol, Roofing Contractor, Philsopher and Boulevadrier


The names for the four temperaments are unrelated to the humors, but go back to Nietzsche's use of Apollonian and Dionysian and to a similar appropriation from Greek mythology, Promethean ("Forethought") and Epimethean ("Afterthought"). The Epimethean does seem to be the most conservative of the temperaments. While Nietzsche would see the Apollonian as the most aesthetic, its possible asceticism now contrasts with a hedonistic or a rationalistic aestheticism with the Dionysian or the Promethean, respectively. Again, the details of this may be found in the Keirsey & Bates' book.

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