Monday, November 21, 2011

A Real Priest Tunes Up Planned Parenthood's Gov. Patsy Quinn

Illinois Governor (for now) Pat Quinn turned the keys over to Boss Terry Cosgrove. Boss Terry Cosgrove is the President of Personal PAC of Planned Parenthood. He is not the labor governor, that he campaigned as, but the pawn of Planned Parenthood and the Progressive Machine of Illinois - Cadillac Commie lawyers making millions in Pan-wrongful lawsuits ( Torture, brutality, racism and just being mean), Gay Rainbows, Public Salary PACS, Green Rangers, Dr. Quentin Young and Abner Mikva.

Pat Quinn immediately found cover when he was challenged by the Catholic Bishops of Illinois and sanctimoniously whined that he is a Christian and allowed Boss Cosgrove to control the narrative for him - The Bishops were anti-rape victim. Really? The news media said so, when Boss Cosgrove made the phone calls and terrifying Twitters.

Now, the Catholic Bishops want a sit down with Governor Christian. Let's see, $ 500,000 from Personal PAC and Boss Cosgrove's good will, or living up to the Baptism. Confirmation, and all that other hocus pocus, from the Abusers of Children . . .now, which way do you think Quinn will flop? Quinn flipped on all of the skilled trades unions, doing the Christian budget of Illinois.

The Bishops should do something better with their time - devising strategies on how not to allow the in-the-tank media to play them for saps again.

Instead, have a real priest visit Governor Christian. I suggest Father Tony Brankin of St. Odilo's Shrine of Lost Souls in Berwyn.

Father Brankin is a real priest and there are damn few of them.

Click my post title, scroll down to page 2 and read in full the parish bulletin from St. Odilo's and the musings of Father Tony Brankin with regard to the Quinn tap dances for abortion.

Quinn can't hide behind Planned Parenthood's skirts when there is real priest in the room.

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civil truth said...

Such men as Father Brankin are rare these days, even (or particularly) in the Church.

Father Brankin's concluded his philippic with this:

Faust risked his soul for the most beautiful face in history—Adam and Eve risked their souls to be like gods. But, Governor Quinn—for Illinois?

This reminds me of that famous exchange in A Man for All Seasons, as Richard Rich prepares to leave the court, having given perjured testimony that will condemn Thomas More to death:

MORE I have one question to ask the witness. (RICH stops) That's a chain of office you are wearing. (Reluctantly RICH faces him) May I see it? (NORFOLK motions him to approach. MORE examines the medallion) The red dragon. (To CROMWELL) What's this?

CROMWELL Sir Richard is appointed Attorney-General for Wales.

MORE (Looking into RICH'S face, with pain and amusement) For Wales? Why, Richard, it profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world . . . But for Wales!