Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hey, Bishops, Gov. Pat Quinn The Parser Owes Planned Parenthood Personal PAC

In a statement from the Catholic Conference of Illinois, the church leaders said Quinn had “gone beyond a political alignment with those supporting the legal right to kill children in their mothers’ wombs to rewarding those deemed most successful in this terrible work.”

Yeah, but Governor Pat Quinn owes Personal Pac Planned Parenthood. He owes Terry Cosgrove.

The man has priorioties. In fact, I am certain that Terry Cosgrove jotted out a response to the Cardinal George and the Catholic Bishops of Illinois.

This is a doozy -

Quinn's office issued a statement saying he was attending Personal PAC’s annual lunch and will present an award to a rape survivor and “preeminent advocate for victims of rape”
. . .And she keeps a neat wallet.

Rape victims? Abortion is a woman's best defense against Rape? Crimes of violence? Tell that to Kelli O'Loughlin's parents. It appears that a recently parolled Gangbanger murdered the fourteen year old during a "crime of opportunity." You gotta love that neologism for a savage doing exactly and whatever he wants to do.

This murdering savage was given his "opportunity" not via George Bush's economics but by Pat Quinn's parole caroselle!

The 14-year-old girl was stabbed a week ago Thursday when she apparently interrupted a burglary at her home. Since then, dozens of officers have investigated more than 100 leads. As friends and family gathered at a visitation for the Lyons Township freshman Wednesday, ABC7 learned one of those tips apparently panned out.

Officially, authorities at the Indian Head Park Police Department are quiet. One law enforcement source tells ABC7 that the man in custody is a state parolee. Another state police source says the person being questioned is a "Chicago gang-banger." ABC7 is told he hailed a cab after the crime last Thursday, possibly from the Hinsdale oasis on the Tri-State Tollway. Another police source says dogs were able to track the man's scent to that oasis along 294, not far from Indian Head Park.
( emphasis my own)

When goofs like Quinn parse, they believe that people of good will are just too dumb to live. I guess that is why they are soo cozy to Personal PAC, Planned Parenthood and all the piles of loot they have in the hoards built with State and Federal.

Quinn says he is honoring Personal PAC, in order to honor a rape victim. Personal Pac is all about money for abortions. Terry Cosgrove opened up huge industrial cans of whup-ass on Brady, in order to get Quinn where he stands today - honoring Cosgrove's Personal PAC.

Quinn delivered to Terry Cosgrove - got him a bullet proof pension and job, signed the Religious Liberty Civil Unions door-wedge to Gay Marriage, paid off the Green crowd and paroled lots of thugs.

Quinn promised all of the laid off skilled tradesmen who went to his rally at the Plumbers Hall last November that he would fight for them. Quinn fought for Terry Cosgrove and Personal PAC and Planned Parenthood and union men and women continue to join the unemployed. I heard Pat Quinn promise the thousands of skilled tradesmem in the Plumbers Hall. I heard Pat Quinn promise. The thousands of union women and men, and this poor dim-wit writing this morning, believed his parsing promises. We went out and worked to get Quinn elected, God Help Us.

That is where a Quinn promise ends. He is a Progressive. He owes no one but the Personal PAC, Terry Cosgrove, LGBTQ activists, the harpies of Planned Parenthood, lefty lawyers, the thugs he paroles, and the tax-a-holics.

Pat Quinn is in . . .for now. He pensioned up. The rest of us? Illinois?

Pat Quinn owes no one else, least of all the Catholic Bishops of Illinois and far down from them the children in many wombs.,0,3922664.story

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