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Bill Daley - "The Organ Transplant That Didn't Take" and Childe Barry's Pilgrimage to the Exit in 2012

All the world is a . . . an operating theatre, with throngs of loudmouth goofs Ala Chris Matthews in the cheap seats with Jumbo Extra-butter tub and Movie-sized Junior Mints boxes in his milky mitts, Hey, Look Up Here! Jack Kennedy lived with the pain; it's in my new book that no one is buying . . . besides GE!!

In this theatre of operation, the patient Bill Daley learns that he has been surgically implanted in the cavity that is President Obama, but the adjunct U of C staffer rejected the heart. Bill Daley has been partially removed.

Bill Daley was incrementally exited from this Obama Care arena, yesterday; all that remains of the talented Mr. Daley within the impatient and petulant President is the husk.

So say, the Obama Team Spin Surgeons making nice of an insulting situation. Like they told the American People all through 2009 and most of 2010, " Hey, get over it! We Won!"

Eleanor Clift who went from being fourth chair on the McLaughlin Group to seventh chair for MSNBC spins the surgery dervishly -

. . .with President Obama's approval rating stuck in the low 40s, and nothing seeming to move the numbers, the shift to the center that Daley symbolized when he was brought into the White House in January was scrapped for a populist bid to reclaim the Democratic base. The result: Daley was not happy.

According to a veteran lobbyist, word got back to the White House that the chief of staff was up on Capitol Hill distancing himself from the president, saying, “They're not listening to me.” That's a cardinal sin for a White House adviser, and in a city where the buildings have ears, it's not one that stays hidden for long.

Daley's management skills also came under fire. “He goes dark—you need an answer, and by the time he gets back to you, it's too late,” says a former colleague familiar with his style after working with him in the private sector. “And that's not good for the manager of a bunch of burning pots.”

Since he and Obama never had an intimate bond, channels were built around Daley. It wasn't personal; that's how the world works. But Daley didn't like it, and last month he vented in an interview with Politico columnist Roger Simon. His remarks sprinkled with expletives, Daley managed to diss his predecessor, Rahm Emanuel, who succeeded Daley's brother as mayor of Chicago; anger Democrats on Capitol Hill by lumping them in as equal obstacles to Republicans; and denigrate President Obama's decision making as finding that middle ground between “being really s--tty policy or really s--tty politics.”

Daley has his defenders, and among them is Democratic consultant Bob Shrum, who worked with him when Daley ran Al Gore's 2000 campaign. “He had his views and I had mine, but he was open-minded and collegial,” he says. “Some of the descriptions I'm reading about him I don't recognize.”

Most of Daley's bad reviews emanate from Capitol Hill. Shrum says the White House chief of staff should never be the congressional liaison, and given the obstinate nature of the current GOP opposition, “You could have a combination of Kenny O'Donnell, Jim Baker, and Leon Panetta the last few months and events would not have been different.” (These legendary chiefs of staff served Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Clinton, respectively.)

Daley's partial demotion was cheered by Senate Democrats who have the most to gain with Rouse, a former Senate aide, serving as their new sounding board. “Is this welcome on Capitol Hill? The answer is yes,” a Senate aide said. “Daley just didn't get the place.”

In contrast to the blunt-spoken Daley and his sometimes overbearing ways, Rouse is the quintessential anonymous man, an old-school staffer who in his DNA never wants the story to be about him. “When his name is in the paper, he cringes,” says a Hill veteran.

With 30 years of experience on the Hill and as former Senate leader Tom Daschle's chief of staff, Rouse had such stature in Congress that he was known as the 101st senator. “Pete combines operational and political skill—he is the indispensable man,” says the Hill source. “Daley was always just passing through.”

Rouse doesn't want to be chief of staff, and apparently doesn't mind that Daley retains the title while handing off much of the work. Daley will function more as a senior minister to the opposition and conservative Democrats, and to business leaders.

Asked if the diminished duties are humiliating for Daley, a proud and accomplished man, a longtime Democratic consultant said that is true in the world of Washington and cable television, but in real life it's just another bump in the road: “Think of it as an organ transplant that never really took.”

Foreign tissue is the issue. Obama was never a Chicago, Cook County, or Illinois Democratic Party guy, despite the trickles of treacle from pampered printsmen like Jonathan Alter and other lesser-lights.

Obama was always the Childe Harold invited to dance in the Catholic League Jocks basement party. " Hey, Eddie, don't beat the $hit out of him. Burke says he's Okay. Didn't go to Carmel or D ( Democratic incubator Catholic High Schools Mount Carmel and De La Salle Institute), but Hynesy says he's cool."

He,Childe Barry, like the self-absorbed Byronic Hero he pretends to be, proclaims to close-knit ethnic and black political athletes" I have not loved the world, nor the world me; I have not flattered its rank breath, nor bowed To its idolatries a patient knee, - Nor coined my cheek to smiles, nor cried aloud In worship of an echo; in the crowd They could not deem me one of such; I stood Among them, but not of them; in a shroud Of thoughts which were not their thoughts, and still could,Had I not filed my mind, which thus itself subdued."

"Jesus! #$%^, how many sneaky-pete's ( Beer mixed with cheap red wine) did you give him Madigan? #$%^ Mike, he's talking crazy!"

To which the multi-letter'd Varsity hero deign'd, " #$%^ No, he was drinking Faygo's only. I got an idea! Billy! Hey Daley! Get your nose out of that Mickey's Big Mouth and your large ass over here for a second! You too Richie. Listen up. You and Richie and me andEmil and Beavers, and Tommy and Eddie and the guys, let's make him Erkle here a State Senator and then kick him upstairs, could do us some good. The blue hairs will love him and so will the skirts. Richie grab three out of the tub! Not the ones on top! Dig Deeper, Mumbles. Jesus, Bill, slap him will you?The bottom ones! The cold ones, A$$hole!."

Thus, Childe Barry stood AMONG THEM, BUT NOT OF THEM!

There by hangs this tale and Obama's tail in 2012. Had he stood of them Obama may have learned something.

Childe Barry know everything and therefore nothing. It's a Hegelian thing and they don't teach Hegel in Catholic high schools, except to make fun of it.

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