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Dennis Byrne Reveals - Personal PAC Commands the Good Ship Quinn

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Byrne this boat has sailed long ago give it up!
from Chicago Tribune Comments

Dennis Byrne is a Chicago Newsman. Ballyhooed by the Progressives who are so glad that they are no longer around, Chicago Newsmen reported and presented an independent voice free of political tentacles. Chicago Newsmen like Dennis Byrne, the late, great Ray Coffey, Mike Royko, Steve Neal, Basil Talbott, John McHugh, Herman Kogan, S.E. Kiser Robert Herguth,and Nick Von Hoffman are praised but never emulated by the contemporary species of ink-slinger.

The narrative is controlled. The narrative is pre-determined and pre-set for type. . .or font.

Chicago's supine media, to quote the late Tom Roeser, is in-the-tank for Progressive everything. Nowhere is that more in evidence than with the editorial boards of the two extant Chicago Dailies and the iconic "Ain't They Great" columnists.

The narrative is controlled. The story line of reports are edited to fit the Procrustean Progressive racks and the Opinion if Progressive agenda driven.

Gainful Employment for Protected Species - Forrest Claypool, Terry Cosgrove, Sheila Simon, & etc.

Gay Marriage is a must

Police Torture, though there has not been one conviction in the three decades of journalistic partnership with G. Flint Taylor's Peoples Law Office, is doctrine.

Redistribution of Wealth via Ralphie Martire's Pie-Charts is legislation

Public Schools are a howling success and need more money -For the Children!

Systemic Racism determines everything and anything from breakfast to black-on-back crime

Sexual Predators avoid meat on Friday, say the Memorare and conduct May Crownings

Sexual Preference is a Civil Right

Marriage is for White People - the stupid ones.

Bullying is a wholly owned subsidiary of LGBT industries

Abortion is cosmetic choice

Human Life begins and ends with the State.

Former Governor Pat Quinn turned to Planned Parenthood's Illinois Personal PAC President Terry Cosgrove when the Illinois Catholic Bishops yelled at Quinn and hurt his feelings for participating in Personal PAC's Awards Dinner.

Terry Cosgrove deftly gamed the media and took hold of the story, for the Governor who could not find a Chinaman on 22nd Street. The Bishops it seems hurt the feelings of a person being awarded for her efforts to advance the Cause of Women killing babies.

Dennis Byrne revisited this Orwellian gambit today. The ever-ready Vox Abortus a coalition of Gay Rights and Abortion activists turned on the News Cycle hate - much longer than two minutes.

Byrne pointed out the secular issue:

Outfits like Personal PAC would prefer to fight this issue on purely secular grounds, insisting that people who have a moral compass butt out. So let's consider this controversy from a purely secular perspective.

In that light, Quinn provides a lesson in Illinois' pay-to-play politics. He owes Personal PAC large. The group gave more than $400,000 in cash and in-kind contributions to Quinn's campaign. It ran its own TV ad campaign at a critical time. Terry Cosgrove, head of Personal PAC, was appointed to a $46,960-a-year seat on the state's Human Rights Commission.

The bishops' criticism targets Quinn's betrayal of his faith. My criticism is that Personal PAC is not just your average political action committee. It represents the most extreme political views about questions of life, and it's every bit as extreme as it accuses the Catholic Church of being.

Personal PAC opposes common sense regulations that would allow parents to be notified if their child is set for an abortion. Not only do Americans strongly support such parental notification, but according to a Gallup poll that was updated Nov. 11, 71 percent favor laws requiring parental consent for juveniles, education about possible risks of an abortion (87 percent), a 24-hour waiting period (69 percent), a ban on partial-birth abortions in the last six months of pregnancy (64 percent) and that patients be shown a pre-abortion ultrasound. Answers are similar for both men and women. Pro-choicers of Personal PAC's stripe oppose every one of them, arguing they cramp the "right to choose."

Personal PAC's position can be summed up by its support of proposed state legislation called the Reproductive Health and Access Act. It would grant an absolute right for any elective abortion before viability . It also would grant the right to an abortion at any time during pregnancy when it's "necessary to protect the life or health of the pregnant woman."

Who's To Say - the Progressive Mantra - works everyday!

Pat Quinn got elected Governor by promising the moon and stars to members of the Skilled Trades and Industrial unions. Absent from Quinn-A-Rama's were the XXXL Purple T-Shirts of SEIU. Quinn was a working guy. Quinn delivered for the public service unions and Pipe-fitters, Carpenters, Electricians, Operating Engineers, Millwrights, Iron Workers, Teamsters, and Machinists are getting laid off by the cohort. Abortion, Gay Marriage, Cop Torture, and State Welfare are doing just fine thank you.

In fact, the compelling narrative has shifted from Quinn to Speaker Madigan for the next few weeks.

All the while, a real Chicago Newsman, Dennis Byrne stays on the story of Personal PAC's ( Terry Cosgrove et al) control of the Goodship Paddy Quinn.

Dennis Byrne

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• Peter Lisagor Award, presented by the Chicago Headline Club, for editorial writing, 1991, 1993.
• UPI, third Place Award for Spot News reporting in Illinois, for mass transit funding crisis, 1981.
• Chicago Newspaper Guild Stick-O-Type Award for editorial writing, 1988.
• Chicago Newspaper Guild Stick-O-Type Ward for analytical reporting on the crash of American Airlines DC-10 in Chicago, 1979.

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