Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Auctor Vox Moriarty - Speech, Freedom and the Progressive Roach Whisperers

Reading American actor/composer/journalist and defender of the unborn, Michael Moriarty, is a treat. The Detroit born grandson of a Chicago Back-of the-Yards baseball great George Moriarty is a cultural repository. Michael Moriarty is most remembered for his brilliant performances on stage, screen and television. This well-read and discerning man now lives in Canada, but keeps attentive fingers on the pulse of America and finds Old Sam slipping.

Uncle Sam took ill when he allowed the lawful murder of children rouged and mascaraed in the dodge of Womens Rights. If a nation can kop plea for the death of children, it can and will swallow and follow anything.

Michael Moriarty writes for Big Hollwood, Stage Right and has graced the pages of Chicago Daily Observer. Trained by the Jesuits, Mr. Moriarty's writing is thick with cultural, spiritual, philosophic and political references linked by a graceful tone of voice that is reminicent of James Joyce's best short stories ( Ivy Day in the Committeeroom, Araby, and Eveline) or the poetic tropes and thunderous tones of Ezra Pound's Pisan Cantos. Moriarty alludes to Brecht and parallels Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff in an essay about Sarah Palin. Moriarty is open and honest about his all too human weaknesses and vanities and deftly sweetens his vinegar with crystals of the sugar of humanity among the Humanities.

Michael Moriarty watched the GOP Michigan debates in Canada last night, while I was enjoying a dinner on Taylor Street with my three beautiful children and an exquisite woman who allows herself to be seen in public with me. While we tucked away at veal marsala, penne alla vodka, pork chops Genovese, salmon Putanesca and manicotti alfredo, Michael Moriarty watched the beleagured Herman Cain stand like a man against the baseless charges of crimes against women that charged onto the floors of American debate on the command of Progressive Roach Whisperers. Progressive journalists, editors and handsomely paid political operatives like Chicago's David Axelrod call the roaches to work. The roaches get TV face time, interviews and perhaps another place of employment to bring wrongful termination and sexual harassment suits to court.

The Roach Whisperers can also be Marxist lawyers who undermine any and all confidence in the American Justice System - adepts at freeing career criminals and bringing suit against police officers, police departments, cities and counties. They whisper in the ears of agenda driven roach-like editors and columnists.

It seems that perhaps Americans are growing sick of the Roach Whisperers. Recently, at Dunkin Donuts on Western Ave., I had occassion to discuss the charges against Herman Cain with a Chicago Police Officer and he responded, " I don't care if they say he lit a box of kittens on fire, I still will vote for him."

The Progressive Roach Whisperers have owned the political narrative from the time that some insect suggested that George Herbert Walker Bush abandoned the crew of his WWII torpedo bomber. I remember the rage of my Pacific veteran father when that calumny was spewed from the Dukakis Campaign operatives. I voted for Snoopy Mike and I know that my life-long Democrat father did not.

Things have gotten even uglier as the new millenium rolled out. The Roach Whisperers own the media, because real journalists like Ray Coffey, Dennis Byrne, Nick Von Hoffman Mike Royko, Jack Mabley and others retired or have gone home to Christ, Moses and Allah.

Here is a great read from Michael Moriarty -

Yes, we in America also have the freedom to lie and to maliciously exaggerate. However, the court of public opinion in American democracy will decide whether or not accusations are justified or merely the product of greedy but increasingly frightened political ambitions.

Justice Clarence Thomas was the first-such target of left-wing, railroading, character-assassinating, Beltway connivances. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.

In fact, American freedom of speech may have handed our next President, Herman Cain, the American liberty which Marxist ideologues will forever be choking on. They, the American progressive useful idiots, have patronized their own dwindling constituency, “liberated” them into the Occupy Wall Street self-indulgences, leaving these spoiled, perennial sophomores doing real sexual damage to one another.

It’s Woodstock Redux without the star-studded performances.

The image I see is an orgy of lemmings, willing victims traipsing behind their Pied Piper, President Obama, right off the cliff of common sense. Whether it is economic common sense or sexual common sense, the American left prove themselves the “useful idiots” of a very alive Communist New World Order.

The Journolists had the light shined on them and scurried under the appliances, last year, but they still collect paychecks. They, MSNBC and the Soros funded Daily KOS, Media Matters and the Hollywood Squares of Huffington Post are the Roach Whisperers.

Americans, thanks be to God, know how to navigate a cow pasture. Americans have guides like Michael Moriarty to mark those execremental fields.

Click my post title for the powerful voice of Michael Moriarty.

Thanks, Pal!

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Max Weismann said...

The right is either inalienable or it is not--you cannot have it both ways.