Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Obama Lost Illinois on November 8th 2011 - Bill Daley Won't You Please Go Home

Wow! Four Groupon Tickets good for 2.5% off any Billy Corgan Concert in the next week! I am speechless, Mr President . . .but not stupid . . .or forgetful . . .or,

How to energize the base - Obama just launched( incrementally of course) one of the men who made him - White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. Cankles Joan Walsh of Salon has gotta be happy. For now.

The baldest Daley brother is one of those busiest of streets where moss don't grow so good.

In 1995, young ambitious community activist, attorney and Progressive plunger Barack H. Obama would have killed a Navy Seal Team to get close to Bill Daley.

President Obama was built by many hands, Bill Ayers and Bill Daley. The Bill Ayers part works with the lefty academic, bohemian journalist crowd and the Bill Daley part works. I have met Bill Daley on a few occasions and no doubt left the banker/political wiz/glad-hander unaware that we two carbon foot-prints occupy the same two centuries. He is cordial and every says that he is smart. Could be. He knows whom to reach out to when work needs to get done and usually rings the doorbell with his elbows.

President Obama arrives everywhere empty handed and yet expectant. He is the Yin and Yang that is the National Democratic Party - Goofs and Sneaks who want to be loved and respected. The Obama leadership is comprised of Lab School Brat Val Jarrett and old political hack Dave Axelrod as well as Dave Plouffe as in fluff. Daley had the relationships, the trust, and most of the cash.

As the press chews on the story today, the White House will no doubt take exception to characterizations of the change in roles as a staff shake-up, and will attempt to minimize the perception of tension and confusion within the president’s inner circle.

Several disgruntled Democratic donors who have attended events with Daley say they have complained to him about the way major political decisions are pre-cooked in advance with Plouffe, and then announced as fait accompli to senior staff, who subsequently complain about the chain of command to these outsiders.

Daley has acknowledged in these meetings that the president still relies on his closest aides -- Plouffe, Valerie Jarrett, and David Axelrod (now in Chicago) -- more heavily.

Yesterday, about two weeks after Bill Daley treated jowly Roger Simon to an interview that percolated the panties of Progressives, because Daley seemed dismissive of goofs and sneaks, President Obama took some starch out of Bill Daley's stride.

Today, it is the day to note that Obama lost the State of Illinois in 2012.

Obama can count on Twitter and Social Networks to Grassroots his Campaign. He can only count on that round about here. Bill Daley was the Infrastructure. The Infrastructure is shovel ready - for Hillary.

Illinois is a big State, but big don't vote - people vote; most people live and vote near Chicago. Bill Daley might not feel all that energetic about energizing Streets and San workers about to get laid off, skilled trades unions that are waking up to menace that is public service unions and face not only looming layoffs, but heavier tax burdens - black, Hispanic, white, Pacific Islander, Native Indian, Asian and Aboriginal folks here in Cook County and the blue collar Collar Counties.

Downstate? It is to laugh.

Do you think that Bill Daley will make his left ear wet and red from pressing a phone receiver to it - Hi, Bill Daley! Can Barack count on Local 007 Bond Agents this go around? No? Fair enough, So long Alex! Call ATT? Call Lawyers? Call Bankers? Call Ward Committeemen?

Naw. Watch some Me -TV and Chill, Bill Will!

Well, Obama said he did not mind the idea of being a one term President; now, he can prep for it.

Pay back is a dog lacking knackers.

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