Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Hermeneutics is the study of texts in their many manifestations. It came out of Bible studies and how words were translated and evolved into a discipline during the 19th Century concerned with 'authenticity.' Was St. Jerome genuinely happy as a starving stylite when he translated the Old and New Testaments from Hebrew and Greek to Army Camp Latin -The Vulgate? Crap like that. Who shives a git?!!!!

Germans can pile it on like no other ethnic group, crap and or paper. Hermeneutics, the word, is derived from the Greek God Hermes - the messenger of the gods - AKA - The Interpreter, The Deceiver, The Deliverer, The Guy With the Straight Dope. As an undergraduate and graduate student I was subjected to German Hermeutics -Hans Georg Gadamer, and Paul Ricoeur et al. - because hermeneutics crossed over to literary studies. Schleiermacher said that every problem of interpretation is a problem of understanding. UhHuh. This on the test?

Progressive despise religious doctrine; Progressives cling to Memes. Memes are churned out and disseminated by AKPD Media Firm - better known as David Axelrod and Obama 2012. Memes go directly to the Media and Hollywood. Hermeneutics the study of texts sure seems heavy in the AKPD Media Firm's work.

Progressive do hermeneutics - example - Michael Moore is neither a plutocrat nor an enormous endomorph - because he does not will to be. Though Michael Moore appears to be 99%body fat, he can not and shall not be judged to be one of the 1%.

GM is save, Bin Laden died - Okay?

How about these -BP spilled and the Economy Tanked? Solyndra Gained and Solyndra Tanked? Not working -though of the same logic.

Hermeneutics is now becoming Herman -eutics, because nothing makes a Progressive poop his pantie hose, like a genuine Black Man who holds conservative principles, an authentic, practicing and religious Jew, or a Catholic unencumbered by coin from Planned Parenthood. What's wrong with those people?

Herman Cain, the Progressive argues, is not an 'authentic' Black Man - Really? More so, if you like Herman Cain it is only because you happen to be a racist.

Herman Cain is merely an 'Entertainer' ( Laura Washington Sun Times) or a Minstrel Show Darkie ( Toure -mononomynous pampered child of privilege and MSBNC Black Man).

Herman Cain, like most of us does not get the Meme. His favorable polling numbers will soar and the vitriol will get more vinegary from Lettermen, Leno, MSNBC and the MEME idolaters. Group think is what it is all about.

Barack Obama came to the White House packaged in bubble-wrap and shipping peanuts. He is the Dresden China President, he chips and breaks far too easily.

Herman Cain would stride into the same building under his own steam. No one will raise Cain - Cain is self-lifting and that scares the manure out of Politico's Jonathan "Mumbles" Martin's mouth.

Herman Cain reminds me of every authentic black man who sends his son to Leo. Like Herman, that man pays his own way and demands raised expectations for his son.

Authentic black men suffer no back sass, guff, or bullshit from their sons or their sons' teachers. Authentic black men, like authentic white men, do not bully, nor do they accept bullying. Authentic black men are only bested by authentic women, as are all authentic men.

Bullies and phonies jabber. Herman Cain speaks authentically.

Herman Cain may or may not get the GOP nomination. I would vote for him, over the tasseled loafer alternatives Mitt, Perry and Newt. I am still a Democrat, but I did not vote for President Obama the last go around and most certainly will not again. I would vote for Herman Cain in New York Times Minute.

When all of the gold-plated jackasses in America are against Herman Cain, you can bet that Herman Cain is the only authentic man running for President.

Hermaneutics was a pain in the ass. Herman-eutics is pathetic.

Herman Cain is authentic.

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