Friday, November 04, 2011

Governor Christian(Quinn) and his Mouthpiece- Personal PAC's Terry Cosgrove

People always said Pat Quinn was nice, but I had no idea just how Christian he was, until he paid off Personal PAC Boss Terry Cosgrove and $ 500,000 and "In-Kind" help from Planned Parenthood - the Abortion Industry.

Damn Christian.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization that helps the unborn avoid getting their tiny skulls crushed by stressed-out Mommies and the Health care professionals and they also raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the disabled and the challenged.

But Gov. Pat Quinn is a Christian. Damn Christian.

Catholic Charities, from the historical get-go, took care of orphaned and family-challenged children and placed them with a married couple, that used to be a a man and a woman, until Pat Quinn signed the Christian Defense of Religious Liberty Act and immediately stripped Catholic Charities of any and all state funding. Christian.

Damn Christian.

Governor Damn Christian was admonished by Cardinal George and all of the Catholic bishops of Illinois for honoring Personal PAC, run by Terry Cosgrove, a lawyer, Quinn appointee, LGBTQ string-puller and Quinn spokesman. It sure looks like Governor Damn Christian turned to Terry and said, "What do I say?"

Terry handled all of the supine media and made the Bishops, Catholics, and people who just might think that an unborn child ought not have its tiny skull crushed in order to reflect a Woman's Power, or to fight crime of violence, be viewed as enirely UnChristian. Pat Quinn is a Christian -Damn Christian!

Terry Cosgrove stepped up, as he did in the election and got mems to Eric Zorn and all the Chicago media especially the Huffington Post. Here's Terry, who said yesterday that the Bishops were merely 'bent out of shape' because Bill Brady lost the election -

Personal PAC president Terry Cosgrove told the Chicago Sun-Times that the bishops have been angry ever since Quinn defeated conservative Republican Bill Brady in the gubernatorial race. The Catholic Conference threw their support behind the anti-abortion Brady during the election. Cosgrove also mentioned that Catholics are against birth control, which would reduce the number of abortions if it were more accessible in all communities.

“It’s very hypocritical for them to be so passionate about denying women the right to make this profoundly personal decision, yet they won’t do anything to lessen the need for something they see as so wrong,” Cosgrove told the Sun-Times. “The hypocrisy is so alarming.”

You got that right Terry! Goveror Christian said this, and I belive Terry wrote it for him:

"I'm going to the event to present an award to a woman who is a victim of rape, and who is a very strong advocate of helping rape victims all over our state and country, so I really think that's a proper Christian thing to do, to honor someone who's doing something that helps the community at large," Quinn said, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Governor Christian paroled a lot of rapists and thugs. One murdered a little fourteen year old girl. The Christian thing to do? Damn Christian.

If a Christian can countenance murdering a child in the womb, give me a Pagan, or a Catholic, or a Few, or a Lutheran, or a Baptist, or a Muslim anyday.

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