Monday, November 07, 2011

Governor Terry Cosgrove, Quinn Appointee and PAC Boss, Controls the Narrative and Cardinal George Takes Another Beating

Cardinal George and the Bishops of Illinois walked right into a PR buzz-saw again.

The men of the cloth were doing their job. For decades, politicians who have weaseled their way into office with mountains of cash and 'in-king' help from Advocacy Empires - Planned Parenthood, LGBTQ Rainbows, High Speed Rail Enthusiasts, Green Commandos and any other Progressive sanctioned cause. The Catholic Church hierarchy like Catholics themselves shrugged and gave a 'No Biggie' blind eye to the divorce from First Principles.

Within the narrative mantle of the Jesus Christ Superstar theology espoused by theological less-lights, the Progressive agenda grabbed armfuls of Quinns, Daleys, Quigleys and other Democratic elected officials who needed to step away from the Ward Image and get a {progressive blow-dried, gelled and spangled make over as Caring Christians.

The Caring Christians gave us our legislative purgatory - Abortion on demand and paid for, free condoms at schools, even Catholic schools that were converted as Charter Schools, the gate-way to Gay Marriage - The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act, which immediately mad war on Catholic Charities.

Now, that the pig is out of the pen the Catholic Bishops of Illinois are trying to keep the Progressive Piggies from going feral.

Last week, The Illinois Bishops behind Cardinal George blasted Pat Quinn for appearing at an event sponsored by Terry Cosgrove's Personal PAC a political cash cow of Illinois Planned Parenthood. Terry Cosgrove blessed Alexi Giannoulias when the young Greek banking scion decided to test the political waters. That was my first introduction to Terry Cosgrove.

When Blagojevich's Lt. Governor stepped in as Governor and served out his term, Terry Cosgrove kept the Progressive Machine oiled and ready. Pat Quinn would be Terry Cosgrove's guy and he surely is that and change.

Quinn played Union Crusader, while Terry Cosrove deconstructed GOP candidate Bill Brady.

Quinn immediately rewarded Terry Cosgrove with a key appointment and took his marching orders from the pan-Advocacy Czar. Civil Unions was the only union that Quinn took care of in Illinois. Quinn killed the Death Penalty and pardoned scores of miscreants. He's a Christian; Hallelujah!

The Illinois economy is a joke, but the Advocacy Issues are the only things being tended to, while business as usual loots tax-payers.

Terry Cosgrove is the Governor of Illinois in all but name.

When the Catholic Bishops of Illinois criticized the self-proclaimed Catholic Quinn for appearing on stage with Personal PAC - which is all about Abortion - Terry Quinn . . .Cosgrove, I know ( Terry Quinn is a famous comedian and Pat Quinn is an Illinois Joke) turned on the media buzz saw.

The Chicago Sun Times, immediately trotted out the woman, unnamed in the Bishops' statement as our Victime de la semaine, Father Carol Marin
preached a sermon again about Compassion, and this morning the Capitol Fax Blog of Rich Miller set Cosgrove's table. Miller is an information outlet for politicos and journalists who depends upon the good will of Democratic pols and PACS.

Miller castigates the Cardinal's spokesman -

Director Gilligan has been very aggressive with his attacks on Gov. Quinn. I doubt they’ll subside, but perhaps Gilligan will be more precise in the future. He obviously didn’t give the Cardinal and others the full story before they unloaded both barrels on Gov. Quinn last week. Perhaps a little more thought and reflection are in order here.

Fatuous, Brother Miller fatuous! Rich Miller is Mr. Insider and he knows full well what the Cardinal and the Bishops objected to in the first place last week and it had nothing to do with Rape, Victims, or a Victim much less Precision in journalism and politics. Precisely!

Perhaps, Mr. Gilligan does not take his orders from SEIU, the lobbyists, or the swell gang around the troughs in Springfield. Rich Precision Miller will attack Speaker Madigan, because Speaker Madigan could could care less. Speaker Madigan knows what he is doing and he never walks into any buzz-saws, unlike Cardinal George and the other clerical victims.

Illinois Speaker Mike Madigan gets staked out as a goat every few days for the Progressive Two Minute Hate, because he is the only professional politician in Springfield. More so, the the progressives need him. Speaker Madigan rarely speaks. Terry Cosgrove controls the narrative for Illinois.

If the Cardinal and the Catholic Leadership want to make some progress at all in preserving the doctrinal and institutional life for Catholics and checking the juggernaut that is Progressive Advocacy PACSs, they had better get wise to Governor Terry Cosgrove. The man is powerful and he is vicious.

The Catholic hierarchy walked right into the Terry Cosgrove media buzz-saw.

People of good will do not control the media, much less Springfield.

Play like cupcakes and the bishops will get burned every time. Cardinal George, Christ said to "turn the other cheek." He did not say " Punch With Your Face."


civil truth said...

Or as my Dad used to tell me: "Don't lead with your chin."

Pat, your posts remind me repeatedly that too many of the youth of today have never learned the fine art of invective (and those of us who do know it have fallen far from the standards of our forebears).

In these coarser times, the first resort of journalistic pretenders is to flamethrowers over surgical knives. We're all poorer for that.

southwestvoter said...

When Edward Maloney had the chance to vote on Terry Cosgrove's appointment by Pat Quinn he did not vote against it. We are not able to vote out Terry Cosgrove but we can vote out Senator Ed Maloney for not voting "No" on Terry Cosgrove's appointment.