Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today is the Feast St. Caiman - Founder of Schools Would Celebrate Leo High School

Saint Caimin
(Seventh century)

Caimin (or Caminus) was the son of Dima. He came from the race of Hy-Kinselagh and the noble stock of the Kings of Leinster. Caimin was half-brother of Guare, king of Connaught. Their mother was Cuman or Cumania, also known as Mumania. She was the daughter of Dalbronius. Little is known of Caimin's early life but considering his lineage it is certain that he was educated. The Parliamentary Gazeteer of 1845 writes that on Inis Cealtra (Holy Island) "he led a life of contemplation and austerity, the fame of which attracted to its shores numbers desirous of imitating his virtues and receiving instruction. The concourse of these disciples became at length so great that the holy man was compelled to found a place for their reception and shelter, and thus originated a monastery which, in after times, enjoyed a far-spread reputation."

It is actually unclear as to who founded the monastery of Inis Cealtra, St. Colum, St. Stellan or St. Caimin. However, St. Caimin is celebrated in local lore and legend for his many miracles and for his saintly life. It seems certain that he either built or rebuilt a monastery on Inis Cealtra and it is said that he had a reputable school here. There is evidence that a lay community and many monks resided here. Samuel Lewis writing in 1837 says that Caimin "is said to have written a commentary on the Psalms, which he collated with the Hebrew text." It is known as "St. Caimin's Psalter" and is ascribed to him by tradition. However, though it possibly originated on Inis Cealtra, it is far too late for Caimin. It dates to the eleventh or twelfth century.

St. Caimin was Bishop Abbot of Inis Cealtra and some accounts claim he was the first Bishop of Killaloe. He died probably in 644 or 652, though the Annals of Inisfallen claim that he died in 654. St. Caimin's feast day is on March 24th.

By the way, a great Catholic School on 79th Street Celebrates 85 Years of "Untroubled' Success - One year at a time.

Come Celebrate Leo High School – Our Shareholder’s
Meeting: You are the Shareholders of a Very Successful School- We Celebrate You! – Thursday March 24 at 11:30 A.M.

Leo High School invites parents, Alumni, neighbors, pastors, benefactors, and partners to a Celebration of Leo High School

Leo High School is a Blessed School – 85 Years in Christ’s Service

Leo High School is a Successful School – 85 Years of Academic Achievenment

Leo High School Moves Ahead– 85 Years of Generous Alumni Support is Good Start

Come Celebrate Leo in the iconic Brother Finch Gymnasium on the third floor of Leo High School –Thursday March 24, 2011 at 11;30 AM – The Leo High School National Honor Society will escort all shareholders and visitors from 79th Street to the gym via the gymnasium entrance.

Leo High School
7901 S. Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60655

11: 30 AM in Leo Gym Principal Phil Mesina – Sister McCaughey – President Dan McGrath will celebrate

The secured the support of a prominent retired contractor who gave the school an immediate $50,000 and a pledge to repair the long closed swimming pool
NFL legend Gale Sayers’ partnership with Leo High School in order to allow his Foundation capacity to launch an after school mentoring, computer skills and public speaking class.
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity grant of $ 300,000 for the acquisition of land near Leo HS for future development – gym and facilities
Solid Campaign Leo support and on-track foundation support in a poor economy
Major gifts by Leo Alumni in the amounts of $150,000, $100,000, and $ 50,000
Increased ACT scores by a full percentage ( Hat –tip to Alums Dr. O’Keefe and Mr. Conway
The success of the Freshman Academy – Highest GPA in School
Impressive College Placement – Too numerous to detail here
Ongoing and solid support from the Office of Catholic Schools
Record Incoming Freshman entrance exam numbers – Highest since 2007
On-going enrollment boost including Hispanic and white students
On-going enrollment boost
On-going competitive extra-curricular athletic and academic programs – football, boxing, track & field, basketball, baseball, bowling, chess
Looking to launching a Major Capital Campaign with Latz and Wall to further advance Leo’s Mission and future

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