Thursday, March 10, 2011

Question to The Tribune Death Penalty Editorial Authors

I have a question to follow your heart-tugging editorial on the abolition of the death penalty -Editorial: No government can sanction an instrument of justice that takes risks with the lives of innocent people.

How does that square with Roe V. Wade?

Update and message from Max Weismann of the Center for the Study of Great Ideas:

Dear Pat,

Trouble is, for some strange reason, a vast amount of people do not consider humans residing in a womb, to be people.

1) The commonsense view is that human life (personhood) begins at the beginning -- inception/conception (successful fertilization).

2) Unique potentialities distinguish human life from all other (known) life forms.

3) These potentialities are innate. They are not acquired at any point or stage during the development or actualization process. The nucleus has everything it will ever have. In this sense, nothing new is acquired. For example, the incipient organism has the potential to think, see and play tennis long before it has a brain, eyes, arms and legs (or even a racket). These potentialities differ in capacity from individual to individual, and become actualized (or do not) in varying degrees and time frames until death.

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