Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rahm Ready - Policy Power! There Should Be “No Petticoats in Politics.”

Date night for Jane Addams and Ellen Starr -Progressive Icons

From the moment that manly Miss Jane Addams stabbed her political sponsor*, Alderman Johnny Powers, in the back ( repeatedly by the way) and managed the media of her day, people who could never manage to get three people to vote for them in a public election have driven Policy. Policy is the governmental Yin to the Yang that is Politics.

Policy is cooked up by academics. Politics is the response to life's practical necessities. Policy is Progressive and Politics is practical government's hand maiden. However, the 19th Century Short-Haired Women and Long-Haired Men are today's Progressive. When policy purges politics, Progressives retain Power.

When a popular vote on public policy is an impossibility, Policy gets worked through a compliant legislature or at best the courts. Polling is applied and pie-charts spice policy. Today in Kristen Mack's fine Chicago Tribune caveat Chicago nonprofits fund Emanuel team's transition:Leading foundations agree to cover $200,000 in costs, we get a glimpse into the progressive policy wheel being set up. Qui bono? Not us helots that's fer dang shure! The usual 1960's SDS crowd of Cadillac Commies and real estate moguls will do handsomely.

Rahm Emanuel is going to cut aldermen from 50 to 25 and the media shouts up high Hosannas! Rahm Emanuel's transition will be funded not out of 'political coffers,' but from 501(c)3's dodging the political restrictions of federal laws under the camoflage of 'Policy.'

"There must be a constructive structure to develop policy priorities so that the next mayor enters City Hall with a plan to address a slew of pressing problems — an annual $500 million budget deficit, a $600 million pension shortfall, a public schools system in need of reform, depressed morale among the police force, and public transit infrastructure that requires massive capital investment," the proposal reads.

Each committee is staffed by a consultant with the Civic Consulting Alliance and a transition team employee, who will be primarily responsible for a final public report.

Between now and April 15, the committees will meet, identify candidates for key appointments and develop an initial approach for the budget, according to the proposal. By May 2, Emanuel's transition team will prioritize initiatives and publish a transition plan, including a 100-day road map and long-term policies.

E.g. - here is sample mission statement for the Harris Public Policy Institute at University of Chicago:
Our Mission
To understand and influence public policies by conducting policy-relevant research and preparing talented individuals to become leaders and agents of social change. To serve as a liaison between the academy's research on public policy questions and practitioners in the field.

This Policy gambit has been a long time cooking with many chefs ( activisits, distinguished professors, gutless political hacks, lawyers and opportunists) and has stripped the power of politics locally and nationally. There is much more on the way - what we eat, what we drink, how we worship, what we are allowed to read, what is taught, who goes to jail and who is bullet-proof is determined by Policy.

*Removing Alderman Powers from office, Jane Addams told the sober gentlemen of the Society for Ethical Culture, would be no simple task. It would require a fundamental change in the ethical standards of the community, as well as the development of a deeper insight on the part of the reformers. These latter, she pointed out, with all their zeal for well-ordered, honest politics, were not eager to undertake the responsibilities of self-government 365 days a year. They were quite willing to come into the nineteenth ward at election time to exhort the citizenry, but were they willing to make a real effort to achieve personal relationships of the kind that stood Johnny Powers in such good stead?

Policy and Progressives - grab your hat and put both hands in your pockets and reach around for that wallet! That will be impossible.

For Progressives who would not part with a personal penny to a pan-handler, nothing is impossible - once you ditch original thought, quit reading, and accept the doctrines policy will hand down. We are going to pay plenty.

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