Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wisconsin Border Meet-Up at Checkpoint Chedder

In a televised news conference, Walker threw cold water on an offer from Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller to meet near the border and work out their differences. Walker argued that Miller had been a barrier to past talks on resolving Wisconsin’s legislative impasse.

“Sen. Miller is misleading the public just like he misled us,” said Walker, who added that he had sent two staffers to meet with Democrats on Sunday but could not reach an agreement that would bring the 14 senators back from Illinois. “For us to move forward, we need reasonable and responsible officials,” the governor said. “This letter is absolutely ridiculous. He [Miller] is the person standing in the way.”

I have been over the border and its not like here. There's Swedes and Swiss and funny County road signs that double the value of letters just when you think that you've got a grip on the directions - 'Take County F four miles until you come to the Swedenborgian Church in the Dell; take aright on County U and go 500 yards to County C; that crosses a wooden bridge near the Culver's at Argle by the Pheasant Fryer; thats K.

Now, you go north on County Y over the last gulley of the Pecatonica Millrace - not the river mind . . . you'll see the Interstate off in the distance . . .County Road O veers little and then jogs right at the Old Barn -take O until the road ends in the limestone quarry and that's U. Welcome, FIP! Have some Cheese?

The Madison exiles wanted a meet up with Governor Walker and he said, "Nix on that."

An abritrator is needed. I'll go. Anything to help make this world a better place - that's how I roll.

I can see it now - just north of Cedarburg - Sheriff Ed Galt is worried about Democratic Senators Finn and Doyle and Republican State Chairman John Smith understands. Hickey wanted the meet up to be nice, but like most situations nice happens only when force takes the most comfortable seat.

Sheriff Ed Galt: [about Doyle] If he sends Hickey after me, he's coming straight after you.
John Smith: Yeah, Hickey. I've heard he's a real scary guy.
[he starts to open the door, Galt shuts it]
Sheriff Ed Galt: Let me tell you just how scary. It goes that when Hickey was ten years old, he took a butcher knife and cut his own father's throat, ear to ear. So they put him in an orphanage. Fifteen years old, he burned it to the ground!

(Hickey arrives)

Hickey: I heard you got Finn. That was Doyle's best shooter.
John Smith: I thought you were the best.
Hickey: Nah, just the best lookin'.

Finn: I guess you'll just have to kill me.
John Smith: It'll hurt if I do

Hickey: [Final scene, speaking to Smith] I don't want to die in New Glarus. Chicago, maybe... but not Texas. You can meet me there if you like . . .(really cool music -ominous and ironic) FADE

Makes about as much sense as outlaw elected officials eating croissants, hard boiled eggs, toaster waffles, assorted mixed fruit, some great tasting coffees and teas and talking to Rachel Maddow thanks to internet access at the Public Trough Comfort Suites for three weeks acting like hunger strikers. Hunger strikers refuse to eat.


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