Saturday, March 05, 2011

Why Labor Will Lose in Wisconsin

American workers are the best. American labor made the standard of living that is being eroded by people who want the American middle class to disappear.

The issue in Wisconsin will not end well for organized labor. The skilled and industrial trades, in my simple opinion, made a pact with the devil by siding with public sector unions ( PACs in reality) and allowing the likes of Andy Stern to hijack not only the voice of labor, but the very meaning of the word.

Taxes and the salaries of public sector unions are paid by electricians, carpenters, millwrights, pipe-fitters, plumbers, auto workers, steel workers, engineers and industrial workers. These folks are American labor.

Here is the face of labor -hijacked labor - in 2011.

This is face of real labor This great photo was sent by Max Weismann

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32.and.Stewart said...

Best post yet....I have been reading your blog for some time....Keep it up...