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Punish Faith - Gay Agenda

Children are not, in the words of the US Supreme Court in Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972), “mere creatures of the State".

Civil unions in Illinois had one very short honeymoon. Wildly ecstatic though that be -gay folks are mad again. To rev-up the bile of breeder folks, Faith needs a tune-up and Manya Brachear of the Tribune is more than compliant especially if Catholic Doctrine, Leadership or Catholics can be on the receiving end of some nonsense. Front page, GLBTQ agenda is gunning down Catholic and Lutheran social service agencies that handle adoption and Manya is pulling the trigger this morning with her breathless announcement that the State of Illinois is "investigating" Faith.

Not really, even ABC's Chuck Goudie could handle this investigation - Gay couples, joined in civil unions, cannot adopt a child. No news flash. Desire meets Doctrine -no contest.

Children who have lost or were abandoned by their biological parents have been the focus of Catholics and the Catholic Church in Chicago ever since it seemed that sidewalks might be better paths to a destination than wading through mud and maybe cholera might not get tramped on the carpets along with Chicago goo.

The first Chicago orphanages, the Chicago Orphan Asylum and the Catholic Orphan Asylum, opened their doors in 1849 in the aftermath of a cholera epidemic. By 1890, there were 12 orphanages in the city. They split along Roman Catholic and Protestant lines. Chicago had no Jewish orphanages until the 1890s. Until then, Jews tried to send orphans to institutions in Cincinnati, but some Jewish orphans lived in Protestant orphanages in Chicago. Almost all “orphans” in nineteenth-century Chicago orphanages had one parent living. They were places that single-parent families in financial crisis could safely keep their children. A few of them, like the Home for the Friendless, were gigantic, housing hundreds of children at a time.

Children were cared for by people of Faith. There were no doubt active and fulfilled homosexuals among Chicago's pioneers. However, due to the historical milieu and contemporary mores they no doubt celebrated their their difference with much less gusto and public displays of affection, than do Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning citizens today.

An active lesbian, Jane Addams, co opted the work of faith-based charity, by attacking the largest of these homes like the Home for the Friendless and secularized child care on a very small scale.

The largest orphan institutions were run by Catholics and the by the 20th Century became the standard for care of children without families - by the 1940's Angel Guardian alone cared for 1,200 children. In the 1970's the work of Jane Addams found fulfillment in the establishment of a State run agency the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and forced the closing of Illinois orphanages, including Angel Guardian in 1974.In 1975, Sister Rosemary Connolly kept up the fight and reconfigured Angel Guardian to become Misericordia Home - for special needs children. In the city of Chicago, Father James Close energized Mercy Home for Boys and Girls that had been established in the Loop by Fathers Campbell and Mahoney as a home for Working Boys - this expanded through the depression. Children were cared for by people of faith. Faith and Deeds bring 'capacity building' = not coalitions or news ink.

Father John Smyth a giant of a man with more heart than a continent and more balls than a bowling alley, expanded the 1880 Bishop Feehan established Maryville Academy, in Bridgeport and later in Des Plaines. Father Smyth received almost no money from Archdiocese, but used his political genius for pulling dollars from charitable donations raised by himself with dollars matched by the State.

The State, DCFS pumped their charges - children- into Maryville Academy. DCFS paid politically clouted Directors triple figures and larded the staff with more bureaucrats. Maryville was directed by Father Smyth a big good-hearted . . .patsy for the power players. Agenda jumps at opportunity - Jane Addams was all about opportunities take credit for what others had built. That is Progressive thought.

Power is what it is all about. Charity is trumped by a bureaucracy in the moused out rhetoric of do-gooder tax pirates. DCFS worked tirelessly with the media in the early 1990's to undermine the work of Father John Smyth who personally took on the work of caring for troubled children - the ones left in the bureaucratic cracks, alone, friendless, unloved - like the old hippie mantra -Somebody Else's Troubles. DCFS flooded Mercy Home for Boys and Girls

"Familiaris Consortio" (The Role of the Christian Family in the Modern World) by the late Servant of God John Paul II. In it he wrote: "The right and duty of parents to give education is essential, since it is connected with the transmission of human life; it is original and primary with regard to the educational role of others, on account of the uniqueness of the loving relationship between parents and children; it is irreplaceable and inalienable, and therefore incapable of being entirely delegated to others or usurped by others...”

The Gay Agenda demands that everyone cower before its lifestyle -any disagreement, or even mere 'live and let live' is intolerable. Gay agenda politics does not seek acceptance or tolerance.

Gay Marriage is the goal. In the way of that goal is the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does not recognize same sex . . .sex - let alone marriage. That will not change. Some silly priests might nuzzle up to the Gay Agenda, but the Church will not cave in on this issue. Allen and Albert are not going to go halves on a baby and neither will Tina and Toni. If every one were homosexual, it would be a Gay old world and we would finally achieve Zero Population growth - now that's Progressive!

In today's Chicago Tribune, the always hilarious Manya Brachear - The Seeker - roots out a self-fulfilling investigation on Gay Adoption. Catholic Charities is among the faith-based adoption agencies that denies Allen and Albert, or Tina and Toni from adopting a child. The Church holds that a mother and a father should adopt a child.

Manya slants the heartbreak to the bosom of the homosexual couple who might be denied the joy of parenting with the stamp of approval from Catholic or Lutheran adoption agencies and turns to always Progressively dependable ACLU and DCFS -

"Social intervention such as adoption laws and practices inevitably reflect their communities," said Kendall Marlowe, a spokesman for DCFS. "Illinois as a state has grown on this (gay rights) issue as evidenced by (civil union legislation). Adoption law and practice should reflect the values of the people of Illinois."

Therefore, Catholics and Lutherans have not 'grown' and the agencies that care for children controlled by their unevolved dicta are hurtful and uncaring and must be punished - no State funding! Strip!

The kids be damned! Get on the right side of history! If we can not agree that sex between gents, or gals is human evolution, punish the tree dwelling louts!

They did it Boston!

Religious agencies in Illinois are the not the first to grapple with how to balance discrimination laws and doctrine. In Washington and Boston, Catholic Charities ended a combined two centuries of foster care and adoption services when it could not comply with state anti-discrimination laws after the approval of same-sex marriage.

Ecce Homo! -the Progressive Field Marshal for all agenda politics on this hot issue in Manya's Seek piece and make war offering:

Benjamin Wolf of the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois, an attorney who represents juvenile state wards as part of a court-monitored consent decree with DCFS, said limiting the pool of prospective foster care parents because certain religious traditions believe same-sex relationships are sinful is irresponsible when children are in need.

"We don't know for sure if a loving lesbian or gay family turned away from a discriminatory agency is necessarily going to go to another agency because of the disruption and harm caused to them," he said.

The religious institutions' policies might send a hurtful message to the large number of children in the foster care system who landed there after suffering neglect, abuse or rejection because they were gay, some experts say. Marlowe said 240 children out of more than 15,000 in the foster care system currently identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or questioning.

Anytime someone uses 'hurtful' my neck hair shoots to the skies! Rock-solid hypocrisy is kicking down your door, Hickey!

Old Ben really means, "Screw the kids; Gays demand and must have!" Whatever they want.

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Where did Madigan and Quinn stand on this civil union thing? I'll Google and try to read carefully.

pathickey said...

Kenny . . .you know they were all over it and you know what? I don't mind the civil union aspect myself, but for the fact that this was only a tactical moce by the GLBTQ crowd - Gay marriage is the goal and anything short of that needs to be punished.

I voted for Pat Quinn, I like him and I met Brady and did not care for the cut of his jib. Liked his wife alot - she should have run.